The best small things

Hey y’all! I’m just over here celebrating because I managed to snag a copy of No Words by Meg Cabot! It’s always a delight to be able to pick up a new book that I’ve been looking forward to. With this one, I got extra lucky: the library holds were all super long, but I found a less-popular digital format and was able to borrow it right away!

(EPub. It was ePub.)

I’ve already plowed through a third of it by the pool last night and am about to dive back in (har har). Hopefully this Fast Forward Friday book was worth the hype!


I’m in progress with HONEY GIRL right now and in surprisingly disappointed by it. The love interest has that attitude of a broken butterfly, calls herself a monster, says she’s broken… but without any reason really? And she has the tendency to say things as though they are profound and philosophical but just sound like a high person rambling their discoveries. I’m surpassingly not into it. Trying to finish it since it goes quick when I’m not rolling my eyes through it though…

Thoughts so far on Half Sick of Shadows

Hey y’all! I’m in the middle of Half Sick of Shadows by Laura Sebastian right now. “In the middle” might be a little optimistic, but I’m at a solid 200 pages now! This is a slower read for me, and I’m not hating it.

Since the main character is an oracle, the style reflects that mindset, and it has a really engaging effect for me. Elaine is constantly bombarded from all sides as she remembers her past, navigates her present, and weaves (literally) the future. In turn, the reader gets snippets of her past interspersed with the present, and of course the pepperings of glances forward, the possibilities, the problems she worries will be created in the future by her actions right now.

I really sink into whenever I sit down, and I find myself thinking about it often throughout the day. I love a book that sticks with you!

I admit, I was surprised by House of Earth and Blood

Aight y’all. I know I can be… harsh to books that are really popular and hyped. Even if it seems like something I might usually enjoy, if I see it everywhere, I’m kind of going to hate it. I’m definitely going to avoid it. Such was the case with House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas. Even though I adore her, I just was not into how much I was hearing about this apparently amazing book. So I stayed away.

And then I got it for Christmas. 😂 So I mean, yeah of course I was going to read it if I already had a copy! And, well, damn, it was really good. I laughed, I cried, I was genuinely surprised and had those moments like “OH DAAAAAAMN!” I’m really happy to say, okay, I was wrong on this one. ^.^

Minimal reading

I’ve had several days this week where I either didn’t read at all or read very little. It feels really weird. 😟

It’s been a very busy week. With good things, for sure, but still with limited reading time.

Times I didn’t read this week

  • On the bus
  • In the morning before starting my day
  • During lunch
  • After dinner
  • Any time possible, which is when I usually read

I think it’ll pick back up, but I have a new rythym to settle into first. I also have some books available at the library, so I’ll definitely get to those soon! 😄

Annihilation: Book v movie

I’m reading Annihilation by Jef Vandermeer right now, as it’s been one I’ve been curious about for a while. Specifically, since the movie came out a few years ago. I wasn’t actually that into the movie, but I was still curious about what the book it was based on would be like.

So far the answer is: completely different from the movie. I’m actually pretty happy with that since like I said, I wasn’t that into the movie so something different works for me.

The book does maintain the otherworldly aspects, though, which is pretty much a requirement for a story about a creepy unexplained chunk of world that has spawned eerie unfamiliarity. My favorite aspect has been the way the writing reflects the narrators growing instability. The fact that it’s written as a journal introduces some wrinkles and expectations that I want to see resolved, out of curiosity of how they’ll be handled.

When you can’t focus at all but also finish 2 books

Today, oh, today. It was unseasonably warm and sunny today, so I got some time reading outside on the deck (probably for the last time for a while). So while it should have been a lovely day, I just felt like I couldn’t focus!

It seems weird to say that when I can also say I finished 2 books today. Granted that was probably only like 150 pages total to finish between the two of them, but still — it sounds like it would require at least SOME focus! And yet my mind has been scattered.

In all fairness, a large part of that was because of the squirrels. They’re hella cute and know I source peanuts if they ask nicely. So though I was trying to start These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong… I just kept watching the squirrels instead. 😂

Do you feel like you’ve been productive when you read a lot in a day? It varies for me, but I tend to try to get a few other concrete things in as well.

Too many perspectives

I’m a bit disappointed to say that so far reading Shadowlands has been pretty difficult. I’m no slouch when it comes to keeping track of multiple perspectives in a story, but this one seems to be a different person every chapter. There have been a few that were repeated characters, but we’ve had probably 10 or so different people in 13 chapters. It’s making it pretty hard to get really settled into the story, since we keep jumping from person to person and place to place. I really want to enjoy the plot but the delivery is making it difficult.