In progress with Age of Vice

This book has taken me all over the place, from a very slow start to an insistent pull to each character. I wanted to take my time reading it and it’s a good thing I had planned for that, because it’s definitely necessary for me. My library loan runs out two days so I am determined to finish it before then. And considering how easy it is to fall into it right now, I don’t think there will be any worry about not meeting that goal.

I don’t know that I had expectations for this book other than that I would probably enjoy it, so I think it’s going well by those standards. Allowed to sink into the story in the bones of the characters, I’ve been tracking through this one consistently for about a week. The whole thing is a bit like that song about a horrible crash where you just can’t look away.

When I forget why I had that book on hold

One if the best things I do for myself is to put a book on pre-order, or hold, that I am really excited about and know I’ll love.

Then I forget the details of what it’s about, but remember that I was really excited. So when it finally shows up, I can go into it blind of the details but confident I’ll love it. It’s such a rare treat! 😍 The recommendations I most trust are ones from myself 🀣

Trying new things!

Fun fact: I wrote the entire last post on my phone!

I do not recommend it. πŸ˜‚ I ended up with about six drafts that just appeared as I kept messing up with the editor. The conflict between a “classic” block and the new block format was rough. I think I got there though! 😊

The fact that I was able to was pretty great though, even if it took some bumbling to work out. If there are any issues with yesterday’s post, this is likely why. I’ll have computer access again soon!


How many reviews I posted last month: 4

How many reviews I posted in the past week: ….4

I guess I’ve been on a kick, y’all. I’m suddenly really enjoying talking about books again, specifically in a review format. xD My guess is that it’s been a mix of required reviews for advanced copies, and books I felt really strongly about.

I just checked them out again and yeah, the ones that weren’t for ARCs were books I either REALLY enjoyed or REALLY didn’t. xD It’s been a divisive month for my reading! I have 2 more I finished just recently that I ended thinking “WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.” But I also just started one that I’d thought was hella dull and had a lot of trouble starting, and yet is now something I find myself thinking a lot about and flying through when I read it.

Expect more review! πŸ™‚ Although I’m also going to try balancing it with some other content. πŸ˜‚

Dune begins

Hey y’all! I finally started Dune! I’m not very far yet, but my overwhelming impression is that there will be many words I don’t know. I bought a physical copy, but now I’m thinking I should have read a digitally so I could look up all these words! It’s a bit of a two-fold issue, because there are so many words specific to the world itself but then also just really advanced vocabulary English words. If I can keep track, I’ll probably have a lot of new words by the end of the book!

Poetry month!

Hey y’all! Apparently April is poetry month in the United States. Coincidentally, I’ve been on a bit of a pretty kick the past couple of weeks. I found a collection I really enjoyed called Songs of Nature by Sarojina Naidu, and there are a few more by the author that I’ll be continuing with. I also started a collection called Citizen Illegal by JosΓ© Olivarez focusing heavily on his experience as a Mexican American and I love it. He has a very cut and dry style that pulls no punches.

I didn’t plan this to align, but it works out pretty well.

Weather for reading

We got a ton of snow today where I live! To quote the forecasters, we got more snow in this one storm than we did in the entire last season. DANG. So yeah, it’s a lot of snow.

I really wanted to cuddle up and read a book snuggled into some blankets with a cup of cocoa. But, alas, I have a job (which is actually a really awesome fact that I’m super grateful for) so I had to work instead of read. πŸ˜‚ But maybe Saturday morning I can get some time in. We got over a foot of snow so I’m SURE there will still be some in a few days!