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Top 5 Books with Valentine in the Title

Hey y’all!

Today is Valentine’s Day, and mine if looking a little different this year: we just got a puppy over the weekend, so we’ve been focusing entirely on her, and are definitely not going out tonight!

I was also thinking about dressing up my Valentine’s day this year with some themed reads. Admittedly, I didn’t think there would be many books with the word Valentine in the title, but I was quickly proven wrong! I was proven even more wrong when I (happily) discovered that they aren’t all erotica, either. An impressively wide range, actually! So take a peek below at some of the most popular books with the word Valentine in the title!

5. Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani

Top 5 genre tags for this title:
Chick lit, romance, Italy, contemporary, family

2 Sentence Summary:
Shoe-maker’s-apprentice Valentine is hoping to help save one of the last local business in busy New York City. She travels to Italy to find the answers they need to up their game, and maybe find love along the way!

Have I heard of / read this before?
Definitely haven’t heard of this one before!

Do I like the cover?
Okay, I’ll admit, I chose an edition with a cover I do like, because the one for the more common cover is really weird to me. It makes it look like a light erotica, and it sounds like it’s more of a warm-hearted coming of age kind of story. So I like *this* cover, but not this one.

Will I read it?
I mean, maybe? I’m certainly not rushing off to pick it up, but it does have travels in Italy, and I’m always down for a story that will take me elsewhere. It sounds like it would be a cute read, maybe something I’d take to the beach in the summer! If nothing else, it’s a good “V” title, right? 🙂

4. Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

Top 5 genre tags for this title:
young adult, mystery, paranormal, horror ghosts

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