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2021 Year in Review, Part 2: Storygraph Version

Hey y’all! Since I already took a look through the usual Goodreads year-end stats, now I’m pivoting over to The Storygraph. I used it pretty consistently through 2021, so I’m excited to see full-year stats from it for my first time! Considering their specialty is partly in their statistics (and even more so since I have Plus) I have a lot to enjoy!

The Pies

So the first chart is both simple and gloriously detailed: my pie graph of books I read by mood this year! 2021’s top moods were emotional, adventurous, and lighthearted. I guess that pretty much covers all of my usual moods: cathartic crying, energized excitement, and silly smiles.

With two books each, my lowest were “sad” (You’ve Reached Sam and Red Thread of Fate) and “inspiring” (Idol Gossip, what?? and Not Here To Be Liked). Admittedly I don’t think I would call either of those last two inspiring, but ok.

My top 3 make up just about 50% of my reading, but the other half is a generous spread. I guess I’m okay with that? I’m reading for enjoyment in the end, so I’ll continue enjoying what I do!


Also unsurprising that my most common pace is medium. More surprised that this is actually kind of even! And not sure if I’m surprised a quarter of my books are slow-paced — did I think it would be higher or lower? I feel like I flew through a lot of books this year, but I also remember having some that were a winding journey.

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My favorite things about StoryGraph Plus (+Plus Subscription Giveaway until 12/31/21!)

Hey y’all! Whether you know and love The Storygraph already, or you haven’t had the pleasure yet, allow me to introduce you to some of my favorite features specifically from the Plus subscription. The site itself is free, and you can do A TON with it from the free level, but adding the Plus subscription is a lot of lovely little bonuses.

If you’re someone who loves data and stats, or has a book journal or spreadsheet with all the nitty gritty details of your reading, or you tag the heck out of ALL of your books — you’re going to love this. 😁

Take a look at the best features of Storygraph Plus that build on the base website, and enter the raffle for a one-year subscription of Storygraph plus!

A quick look at The Storygraph!

The main features of The Storygraph (SG from here on out) that tend to draw people in are the stats and the customized searching by the moods of the book.

The search: mood-readers rejoice, because that’s who SG was made for! (At least, it feels that way). The moods include tags like inspiring, sad, funny, informational, dark, adventurous, and a WHOLE lot more. You can find titles based on these and many other criteria to get to the perfect read to satisfy whatever whim you have! Moods are set by users’ reviews and machine learning, so there’s a good balance of feedback.

The stats: aaaaand here’s where my analytical side fell in love! There are a ton of stats complete with charts and the ability to drill down into the details of each segment. Below you can see my current chart for books I read in 2021 broken down by mood tag, with the “emotional” tag highlighted. If I click on the emotional wedge it shows me a list of all the books included in it. There are so many more stats, like pages read per day, book pace, page length average, genres, format… TONS!

You’ll notice I read ZERO “relaxing” titles this year… that explains some things…

There’s a lot more to love about the site, but those are usually the two highlights for folks new to it.

The highlights of Storygraph Plus!

ALRIGHT, now, if you want to dive in and completely immerse yourself in data and tracking details of your reads, then Plus is a dream come true. I’m grateful I’m able to afford it, both because it’s wonderful to have, but also because I love supporting the tiny team that does all the work on this. Right now it’s $50 USD for a year, or $4.99 USD for a month.

Stats per custom tag & comparing them!

If the data built in to SG doesn’t cover everything you want, you can tag the heck out of all your titles. And if you have SG Plus, you can see the stats for each tag you add!!

I love using this to track personal challenges or notes on my Fast Forward Friday titles to see what my habits are and how many I’ve read, rated on average, etc. I’m going to use this to make a whole post about them, and look at what books tend to draw me in. Apparently, it’s largely emotional / adventurous titles. xD

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