Too many perspectives

I’m a bit disappointed to say that so far reading Shadowlands has been pretty difficult. I’m no slouch when it comes to keeping track of multiple perspectives in a story, but this one seems to be a different person every chapter. There have been a few that were repeated characters, but we’ve had probably 10 or so different people in 13 chapters. It’s making it pretty hard to get really settled into the story, since we keep jumping from person to person and place to place. I really want to enjoy the plot but the delivery is making it difficult.

The shadows are rising

I finally started reading Shadows Rising, which is the next book in the World of Warcraft series before the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. I’m so excited, for both! The books add so much to the lore, and I’m pumped to get more. So far it seems to focus on Talanjii and Nathanos Blightcaller. My S.O. got the game beta so I have an inkling of where things are headed, but I still can’t wait!!! ๐Ÿ˜„

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In Progress with The Japanese Lover

The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende

Progress: page 202/323 (61%)

Okay.. I realize that’s kind of a weird (and possibly misleading) title for this post. My lover is not Japanese, but I am currently reading The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende. Here’s how it’s going so far!

Why did I start reading it?

I’m so close to having completed the A-Z title challenge for 2020. I only need a few more letters, and one of them was J! This book was also one on my TBR that I’ve been wanting to include for a few months, plus one of my bingo prompts this month is a title that begins with J. The fates simply aligned!

Words I’ve Learned:

Lines that linger

In itself age doesn’t make anyone better or wiser, but only accentuates what they have always been.

There are a lot of good people, Irina, but they keep quiet about it. It’s the bad ones who make a lot of noise, and that’s why they get noticed.

Happiness is not exuberant or noise, like pleasure or joy; it’s silent, tranquil, and gentle; it’s a feeling of satisfaction inside that begins with self-love.

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Underwhelmed yet again

I had nothing on my immediate reading list when I finished my last book, so naturally I looked up some deals on Amazon and went a little nuts. One of the books I got was The Matchmaker’s List by Sonya Lalli.


Basic premise: Almost-30 Indian girl Raina in Canada is being set up by her grandmother on tons of dates under the insistence that she get married ASAP because 30 is basically ancient in these matters. Raina is hung up on her ex who never had time for her, and hates all the dates. Somehow this leads to Raina letting her grandmother believe she is actually lesbian, and —

Do I really need to go on? That point alone is where I knew I should have stopped. Unless she realizes she actually is gay and that’s why she’s not interested in any of the guys from her grandmother, I’m not a fan of this plot angle.

I also just finished Ayesha At Last, which I was also meh about. Why are all the books I find with Indian characters only about a woman and arranged marriage? Surely there’s more to the culture than that. Any recommendations for books with Indian characters that give them more depth?

There are a lot of reasons I should stop reading this book, primarily just that I’m really not enjoying it.


I don’t really have an answer, honestly, though at some times it was the only one I had available so the only option. Not anymore, though! And boy is this likely ending up on the Attempted shelf…

Ayesha At Last Update

It’s kind of unfortunate that this book I’ve been looking forward to reading, and had expected good things from, is letting me down a bit. I’m nearly done, but about halfway through I realized the only character I liked was Clara. She’s a friend who pops up occasionally, so I’m a bit out of luck.

The two MCs and their primary sidekicks are all their own kinds of annoying. Fickle, painfully naive, cruel, despicable… it’s hard to really root for anyone here. Maybe Zareena. We’ll see where this one ends up in the end, but I feel like this is trending towards “meh.”

Genre craving

I’ve just had that rare and unsettling moment when I finished all my current reads, and didn’t have anything immediately up for what was next. I gave it some thought, though, and realized what I was in need of was…. some epic fantasy.

And what better epic fantasy than to jump back into some World of Warcraft books? ๐Ÿ˜ I’ve got to get ready for Shadowlands, which means devouring all the Lich King and Death Knight lore I can get my hands on. Rise of the Lich King, here I come!! (But first, Cure of the Worgen!)

Sons of Fire Update

Pretty dope cover, though

Currently reading Sons of Fire by Tracy Auerbach (thanks Netgalley) and it’s both what I expected and not at the same time. I think I was imagining something a little more grandiose, with larger stakes for the world. I mean, you’ve got two Princes of Fire running loose on Earth, and that seems like a significant issue when their primary energy force is human souls.

It’s smaller scale than that, but it does have the fun “learning-to-be-human” aspect of it. I’m grateful that’s present, as it’s always entertaining. I just want there to be more to it, more depth to hold my interest.

These are demons; I don’t want this to end up feeling like a typical high school crush novel. That said… this quote made me absolutely crack up. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I would set all the world’s lands ablaze or boil the seas if you asked me to. I have the power, you know. I’m a Prince. A Fire prince.

Sons of Fire by Tracy Auerbach; Aidan, attempting pick-up lines while smashed

PS – this is releasing tomorrow, for anyone interested in a copy!

What to read now…

I’ve been reading books so fast that I actually got to a point this weekend where I didn’t have anything immediately queued up. Not even any ARCs or NetGalley items waiting! It was freeing, in that I got to look around my shelves for what was waiting, but it also felt kind of terrifying not to have that planned already! Luckily a friend recently lent me her copy of Slay by Britney Morris, which I’ve been so excited to read! Started that one up – and it has not disappointed. ๐Ÿ˜€

Here’s a quote from early in the book where I knew it would be as good as I hoped:

They give us our own shit to distract us from the fact that we don’t have control over their shit.

Slay by Britney Morris, p13

The clear inherent power in designating things for others and the inaccurate reversal of that power hit me hard here.

And I’m Off!

So a quick update here, I’ve managed to snag a week long cruise through Germany and Austria for my mom and myself, and we’re leaving tomorrow! I’ve got some posts lined up, but I’ll likely be busy eating lots of desserts and shopping at the Christmas markets so there won’t be much response until I get back. Our ship has wifi, but I’m going to disconnect and enjoy the time with my mum on our little adventure. โ˜บ

Also using this trip for more fodder for a special post coming up once I’m home, which may or may not include ART. We’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling. At most, stick figures and venn diagrams. I’m on my way to becoming Randall Munroe!

It’s like a Moth story as an entire book

I stumbled across Jessica Pan’s Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come on hoopla a month or so ago and have had it on my list since then, waiting for the right mood to strike to pick it up. (Also I had some ARCs and library books to get through….) Well, on this rainy day post-party, THE MOOD HAS STRUCK!

I was pretty sure I would love this, and shortly in, I was loving it, and then she started talking about how much she loved The Moth, and then doing a show on The Moth, and then doing a show on The Moth with David Litt and my god, there’s probably no way I could love this more. Jessica Pan, how do I apply for friendship? I can visit London. I’m 100% willing to get into Deep Talk (just ask me about my difficulty sharing my passions with people!). I feel like this might be another five-star read. ๐Ÿ˜

Two sentence summary: Jessica blocked herself off from life by hiding behind her introvert label. Jessica forces herself to do socially terrifying things to overcome her depression and stagnation, like asking Londoners if England has a Queen.