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Do you re-read?

I’m not sure where the majority of people fall on the topic of re-reading. My general impression is that most people don’t particularly re-read, because they still remember a story and wouldn’t have that same feeling of discovery and surprise when reading it a subsequent time. Or maybe for some people, they just can’t stand to spend time on something they already know when there are SO MANY OTHER GOOD BOOKS that are always coming out!

However, I’m definitely a re-reader. I usually borrow my books from the library (cost effective and saves space – my S.O. appreciates that!), so if I deliberately go out and purchase a copy of a book you better bet I freakin’ love it and will want to read it again!

Reasons I will re-read something

I want something wholesome and familiar

This is a common reason for me. Books I’ve already read and enjoyed become like a comforting blanket. I already know what to expect, more or less, so I know I can just relax and read it as quickly or slowly as I want, and look forward to my favorite moments. This is common with romance novels and the first books in a series. Romance because I love the feeling of falling in love, and the first book in a series because I get to see the character when they were still clueless and the moment they first discover The Inevitable Secret About Themselves is always so good!

I’m having a bad day and my favorite comic will cheer me up!

You can probably tell even just by the artwork that this comic, Roar Street Journal, is unfathomably wholesome, and yet what you can’t see is that it’s also funny, relatable, sweet, and addresses some unexpectedly difficult topics in very approachable ways (ex: our reasons for living, adoption, growing up in a warzone, struggling to run a business, navigating a negative relationship with your parents). The author and artist, Bonnie Pang, has acknowledged before that she writes this comic in part because she’s so cynical about the world and it’s state, so she creates something positive because it’s something she can do to help.

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