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Books from Christmas!

Hey y’all!

As always, my love picked out a few books for me for Christmas gifts. I don’t know how he decides, but he does a great job. 😊

And this year I was especially impressed:

Me: *opens one of the gifts*

Me: *jaw drops, eyes sparkle* How did you KNOW!!! 😍😍

Bun: *smug and satisfied* I have my ways 😏

The reason I’m so particularly blown away by this one is because I included in a post yesterday — which there’s no way he could have read since it was posted after shopping — with note about how it was one of three that I was definitely planning to get one way or another.

It feels good to be known and loved so well. ^.^ And that wasn’t the only good pick — thanks bun! And now I’m off…

It has gold gilt edges and a ribbon bookmark 😍