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BOOK ALERT: Series finale ARCs on NetGalley from Wednesday Books!

Hey y’all! I got a very exciting email this morning, and wanted to spread the news for anyone else who would be pumped to hear it! Until 10/17/20 (EST) three series finale books are available to read immediately on NetGalley — no request needed! Wednesday Books is spreading the love for all us readers. πŸ₯°

If you’re not familiar with NetGalley, it’s a site used by publishers to give advanced digital copies of books to readers of all kinds for early reviews and promotion. You can sign up for free at, and click on the links below to read the books once you’re all set up! The site is only available in some countries, and not all books are available in all places, so if any below are not available for you I’m terribly sorry for getting your hopes up, but you can still find other great reads on NetGalley! πŸ˜“πŸ˜­

If you loved FABLE

I know I personally saw this book cover ALL OVER for a few months before release, because dang is it stunning! This female-led pirate adventure that began with Fable is concluding in Spring of 2021 with Namesake by Adrienne Young, but you can read a digital copy early below!

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The fated encounter of Marie Lu’s SKYHUNTER

the book

Hey y’all! I imagine by now if you’re a reader of young adult fiction or fantasy, you’ve probably seen this striking cover in a promo somewhere by now:

fascinating font. props to the designer!

Well, I’ve seen this cover for Skyhunter by Marie Lu often in the last several months and been quite torn over it. While it seemed like a no brainer book I would love — it’s by Marie Lu! It’s got a badass female MC! There are SECRETS, and maybe even a sinister plot to uncover! — for some reason I just… couldn’t commit to it. I felt so wary, like there’s something in the blurb making me think that this one, this one time, is just not for me.

fate intervenes

So since I was torn on this book — would I love it or hate it? — I didn’t request an ARC from any sites. However, then I did see a giveaway on Goodreads, and figured I would enter and leave my decision to chance. If I happened to win the giveaway, I would give it a shot. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t bother unless reviews and more info post-publication changed my mind.

And, well, I lost. Which really wasn’t surprising for such a popular book that had 8471 people enter. Which made my chances of winning 0.006 percent. πŸ˜‚

So I entered again. And, I think, a third time. And I went to enter a fourth time —

the error

I got an error! Filled with mild indignant outrage, I scoured the page for the reason. Why am I being blocked from entering? Are they telling me to just give up on this book already??

“Sorry, you can’t enter this giveaway —

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Bookishfirst luck…maybe?

I recently signed up for (yet another) book community / ARC site called Bookishfirst. It’s run by NetGalley but works a little differently. On NetGalley, anyone can request books that are available, and then the publisher reviews each requestor and decides if they want to give them a digital advance copy to review. On Bookishfirst, there are only a few books available each week, but anyone can enter by reading a section of the book and leaving a short blurb about what they thought. Up to 100 people are then selected to receive a full copy of the book to review (often in print).

And seriously, who can resist that vibrant cover?

I recently did my first blurb review for a book called “The Kinder Posion.” A girl who can talk to animals? Swoon. And that’s just a tiny aspect of it so far in a delicious new world of magic. I absolutely loved it, to the point where I forgot I didn’t actually have the entire book to read. When I got to the last page of the selection, I frowned and kept trying to turn to the next page, thinking something was wrong with my reading app because it wouldn’t let me. …Eventually I did realize that it was just the end of the selection they gave. πŸ˜‚

With a little luck of the Irish, I checked my profile this morning to see what books were coming up next week and happened to see this little unexpected gem:

UHHHH WHAT?! πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ˜„

And yes, it’s that book I was so excited to read. What amazing luck! I think? I’m not actually sure what the ratios usually are for these. I have no idea how many people use the platform, or how many on average usually enter the raffle (as you can leave a blurb but choose not to enter if you didn’t like the story), or how many people usually win each raffle.

So really, I have no idea if this WAS lucky, or if this is actually pretty common. Either way I’m thrilled to get a copy of this amazing magical story come early-May.

PS – if you want to sign up for Bookishfirst as well and see if you get lucky, feel free to use my referral code to get 100 bonus points when you sign up. You use points to claim for-sure copies of books you’re interested in and skip the chances of a raffle, so the more points the better! πŸ™‚

Bookishfirst Referral Code: b0fba8d82506fa393