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A Picture’s Worth: dark fantasy & light reality

Words have always carried more weight with me than images – give me a book over its movie any day – but I do love to see the beautiful images other people create when they’re in love with a book. That’s not my strength, but I can certainly appreciate it in others! So here’s a few of my faves based on what I’ve been reading recently.

The Obsidian Tower

I was absolutely delighted when I was offered a copy of The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso after posting about how excited I was for its release. I’ve dived right in and am loving the rich world of magic so far! It’s a new release, but I’m excited to see some wonderful bookstagram posts for it already. ^.^

Such a dramatic and striking cover on this one! The details of it are impressive, and the flurry of items in this one complements it so well.

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Goth wizards, bisexual glory, a chimera, a gritty heroine, friendships, and disastrous magic. Granddaughter of the ruler of Vaskandar, power was laid out for Ryx's future. Her magic breaks and all life is drained by every touch of her finger. Fleeing the heartbreak of her society rejecting her, Ryx searches to heal her disorderly yet grotesque magic. Then at night, Ryx kills a dignitary as an act of self defense, triggering a magical artifact. Ryx and her high fantasy version of a Scooby gang (think more dark intensity and goth gay wizards) investigate this mystery to save the world from its destruction. A feral, wild, bloody magic system ready for you to obsess about, The Obsidian Tower releases June 4th from Orbit Books. ----------------------------------------------------------- Melissa Caruso will be joining the Social Distance Book Fest on April 25th for the panel From Boys in Outer Space to Magical Girls & Guillotines: Queer Voices in Science Fiction & Fantasy. The panel will be at 5 pm PST/2 pm EST. It will be hosted by @kathytrithardt on her YouTube channel. ---------------------------------------------------------- #orbitbooks #melissacaruso #theobsidiantower #fantasyauthors #sffbooks #sffauthor #fantasyauthorsofinstagram #bookflatlay #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #fantasybooks #queerbooks #queerbookstagram #lgbtbooks #bisexualcharacter #queerownvoices #adultfiction #adultfantasybooks #bookfest #socialdistancebookfest

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I finally found a way to enjoy audiobooks!

I have struggled for so long to listen to audiobooks. At this point, I have finished only a handful. It’s due to what I imagine is a common problem for people: I’m not sure what to do while I listen to a book.

The attempts

If I listen before going to bed, I fall asleep and lose my place in the morning when it’s hours ahead. If I listen while cooking, I inevitably get distracted and mess up amounts for the recipe. If I listen while exercising (on a jog, for example) my headphones constantly fall out, or I eventually can’t hear it over my own wheezing breaths.

I really struggle to find ways to make it work, but I so want to! There are some that are truly incredible. Stefan Rutnicki is a godsend for narration, and he has made Orson Scott Card novels that I love even better, which seems like it should be impossible. There’s a copy of Lord of the Rings that someone recorded just for fun, and it’s amazing. It has a musical soundtrack, different character voices, and sound effects. It’s so immersive that it was a rare one where I didn’t lose focus!

The solution

I play online role playing games. It’s my other main hobby after reading. Sometimes in those games, I fly around gathering resources (farming) to use for crafting or to sell for gold. It’s a pretty easy, mindless thing to do.

This weekend, I made the revealing combination of farming while listening to an audiobook of The Joy Luck Club and wouldn’t you know IT WAS AMAZING. The narrator did a great job, and the book itself is fantastic, so those played into the success of this strategy. But I took two kind of mindless things and combined them to make a wonderful wholly entertaining item. I get to read and hear a story while also relaxing and farming gold. There is no downside to this, and I’m elated that I can finally enjoy audiobooks consistently!

Plus it makes me feel so productive. I’m not just gaming, I’m reading. I’m not just reading, I’m making gold.