Review Gallery (by Author)

By author’s last name

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Ace of Spades
by Faridah Abike-Iyimide
Replenishing the Sea of Galilee
by Wagih Abu-Rish
The Bromance Book Club
by Lyssa K Adams
Undercover Bromance
by Lyssa Kay Adams
Little Girls
by Nicholas Aflleje
Seoul Man
by Frank Aherns
The Power
by Naomi Alderman
Queen of the Tiles
by Hanna Alkaf
The Japanese Lover
by Isabel Allende
Zahra’s Paradise
by Amie & Khalil
My Inner Sky
by Mari Andrew
The Spanish Love Deception
by Elena Armas
by Lyn Ashwood & Rachel Rose
Sons of Fire
by Tracy Auerbach
Orestin’s Own
by L. Alyssa Austin


Honey & Spice (Honey And Spice) by Bolu Babalola
A Match Made in Mehendi
by Nandini Bajpai
The Keeper of the Night
by Kylie Lee Baker
Girl, Serpent, Thorn
by Melissa Bashardoust
Take It From Me
by Jamie Beck
The XY
by Virginia Bergin
A Girl Like That
by Tanaz Bhathena
Hunted by the Sky
by Tanaz Bhathena
You Took The Last Bus Home
by Brian Bilston
Three Dark Crowns
by Kendare Blake
World of Warcraft Chronicle Vol 1 by Blizzard Entertainment
The infinity Courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman
The Infinity Courts
by Akemi Dawn Bowman
by Dina Gu Brumfield
Hart and Seoul
by Kristin Burnham
Red Thread of Fate
by Lyn Liao Butler
Tell Me Three Things
by Julie Buxbaum
What to Say Next
by Julie Buxbaum