A Picture’s Worth

A collection of the best photos inspired by the books I’m reading this week; bookstagrams and creative creations galore! See all posts here!

Cover Roulette

A collection of the different covers one book has in countries around the world! See all posts here!

Fast Forward Fridays

Upcoming releases that I’m excited about! See all posts here!

Spine Poetry

Poems made from the titles of books.

Spine Poetry: Books I Gave Up On

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I did some poetry inspired by book titles, but I was feeling the need for something other and creative today. This allowed me to let me thoughts flow and wander, and it felt really nice. Below is what I came up with, based on all the books I’ve…

A poem of recent reads

Hey y’all! As I conveniently discovered, April is poetry month! ☺ I was already starting a bit of a poetry kick so it was perfectly times. Next I’m dipping back into book-spine inspired poetry, where the idea is to take book titles and order them so they make a poem that you can read by…

Spine poetry: days after a breakup (but not my own!!)

This session of spine poetry stems from my last 5 completed books, but as of a few days ago because I wrote these and then finished some books before finishing this post. 😅 At the time of writing my five most recently finished books were: You Deserve Each Other by Sarah HogleLet’s Play, Season 2…

Spine Poetry – How to Love

This session of spine poetry comes off of my shelf of books from around the world. Some I’ve read already and some are still waiting, but this is one of my favorite shelves ever. 😊 Today it’s given me a bit of a first-time-in love feeling, where mistakes are made and learned from. I hope…

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