Mom’s theory was that youthful skin would make a woman more money (true in both acting and waitressing), good underwear would make her more confident (so far, so true), and good books would make her happy (universal truth), and we’ve clearly both packed with this theory in mind.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Good skin, good underwear, and good books

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Bro, I think I would know

Before I could muster the courage to ask again, he pulled a bundle of cloth from his bag and held it out for me. “You must be hungry.”

I debated pointing out that I’d eaten soup for lunch at the same table he had, and if he couldn’t remember that I’d helped myself to seconds and thirds, he certainly didn’t have a right to act like an observant, considerate Mage now. But my hands took the bundle from his, and my heavy legs decided on their own accord that it was time to sit.

The Quarter Mage by Angelina J Steffort
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