(Herschel, a legendary figure in the history of astronomy, made numerous important discoveries, including Uranus and its two moons, but also believed the sun was inhabited, along with all the other planets and stars. He speculated that the sun’s surface was actually cool enough to support life; only the outer solar atmosphere was hot.)

The Year Without Summer by William K Klingaman

Interesting thought, Herschel

By the time the volcano finally subsided, Tambora had released an estimated one hundred cubic kilometers of molten rock as ash and pumice—enough to cover a square area one hundred miles on each side to a depth of almost twelve feet—making it the largest known volcanic eruption in the past 2,000 years.

The Year Without Dinner by William AKlingaman

The worst

She liked that book about French parenting, but Gust was horrified at the idea of sleep training Harriet at three months, the idea of prioritizing their adult needs. The ethos of that book was selfish.

“I’m ready to be unselfish,” Gust said. “Aren’t you?”

The School For Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan
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The selfish parent