Dune begins

Hey y’all! I finally started Dune! I’m not very far yet, but my overwhelming impression is that there will be many words I don’t know. I bought a physical copy, but now I’m thinking I should have read a digitally so I could look up all these words! It’s a bit of a two-fold issue, because there are so many words specific to the world itself but then also just really advanced vocabulary English words. If I can keep track, I’ll probably have a lot of new words by the end of the book!

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A tiny secret / mistake that turned into tiny science

Hey y’all! Yesterday I posted about 5 books I’ve DNFd this year. About ten seconds after posting it, I thought “man that all felt really familiar to write. …did I already do a post about this?”

And yes, the answer is yes, I most certainly did. Since I realized it so quickly I was just going to de-post it, scrap it, and write something new. You may realize: I did not do that. FOR SCIENCE!

I’m SUPER curious how this post will compare to the first a few months ago. I’m also really hoping someone calls me out on it because I think that would be hilarious (and delightful that anyone knows my blog well enough to call me out on a post from a few months ago. Thanks in advance, long-term readers! ^.^) So for now I’m leaving them both in the world and will update this after I see what happens!

What happened

The second post had 4x as many views, 3x as many likes, and engagement on twice as many days (so… two days. xD). BUT, the first post got a few comments, so had active engagement.

Somehow within 2 months, and the addition of 2 more books to the list, there was actually a fairly significant increase in stats on it. Also, 2 people liked both posts which cracked me up. I have to wonder if it seemed familiar to them too, or if they hadn’t noticed!

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Books I DNFd this year (did not finish)

Hey y’all! I’ve had a flux this year so far where some months I had plenty of time to read, and others I felt like I had none with everything else going on. It made me really value the time that I did have! And with that, I became pretty ruthless about not bothering to continue or finish a book if it was just not doing it for me. So far this year I’ve ditched 5. Here’s which ones and why!

*prepare for some potentially unpopular opinions* 🤣

Books that didn’t make the cut

Frankly in Love by David Yoon

This one got ditched because I had just read Super Fake Love Song by him, which was okay enough for me to pick up another book by him. However, I quickly realized that the characters and style are almost identical. I was bored pretty quickly after that. I may read this at a later time with some more distance, but it didn’t seem like I was missing out after having read the other one.

Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore

This one actually was pretty good, it was just very abstract magical realism that I was way to tired to put in the effort of following. It took some focus, sort of like poetry, and I just was not in a place to dedicate that to it. I’ll probably come back to this as a summer read or something!

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A poem of recent reads

Hey y’all! As I conveniently discovered, April is poetry month! ☺ I was already starting a bit of a poetry kick so it was perfectly times. Next I’m dipping back into book-spine inspired poetry, where the idea is to take book titles and order them so they make a poem that you can read by stacking them and reading the titles on the spines.

I’m doing it a little differently this time, in part because I read digitally so often that my spine poems would be limited. 😅 I pulled titles from a couple of recent reads and used the words from them to make a poem, rather than the whole titles in order. It’s a bit of an homage in mood to Citizen Illegal by Jose Olivarez (included in the books I used!).

The books

The poem (it’s very short)

the lantern people
meet on boats
illegal songs
illegal ghosts

the lantern people
meet on boats
illegal songs
illegal ghosts

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In progress with LEGENDBORN

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn
Progress: 85%

Why did I start it?

It was recommended to me — happily so! Or was also on my radar already, and this have me the push to finally read it.

How’s it going?

Really well!!! I’ve blasted through almost the whole thing in just a few days and I’m pretty much planning on finishing it tonight.

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Never before seen…

I am one of those people who usually has several things I’m in the middle of reading all at the same time. However, I just cleanly wrapped up a few things all at once. So when I logged onto Goodreads and saw this…

…I was low-key shook. I legitimately had no idea this graphic existed because I don’t think I have ever seen it before. I always have SOMETHING marked in progress. xD I’m about to add Legendborn to fill in this unsettling space though! 🙂

Poetry month!

Hey y’all! Apparently April is poetry month in the United States. Coincidentally, I’ve been on a bit of a pretty kick the past couple of weeks. I found a collection I really enjoyed called Songs of Nature by Sarojina Naidu, and there are a few more by the author that I’ll be continuing with. I also started a collection called Citizen Illegal by José Olivarez focusing heavily on his experience as a Mexican American and I love it. He has a very cut and dry style that pulls no punches.

I didn’t plan this to align, but it works out pretty well.

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April TBR: Thanks for the recommendations!!

Hey y’all!

I have a plan again this month, for the first time in what feels like a long time. ^.^ And it’s mostly thanks to all of y’all! I got so many great recommendations from people when I was asking where all the good books have gone, since I’ve mostly okay reads this year… but nothing outstanding.


Because now I have a list of books to read through that are promised by at least some people to be great! (Plus they’re mostly books already on my shelves, so even better 🤣)

Thanks for the suggestions ^.^

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay: recommended by Jyvur Entropy
(in all honesty I already finished this one because yeah it was that good)

We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson: recommended by Sam
(this one has been on my shelf for years and I just never got far enough into it!!)

Dune by Frank Herbert: recommended by Kevin Hall
(maybe it’s time I finally commit to this classic!)

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn: recommended by Mei-Mei
(a book I was excited for but still haven’t read yet)

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