About Me

Hey there! I’m the author here, Jennifer, JenniferForJoy in most places online. I’m delighted to have a place to share thoughts about books with anyone who’d care to join in!

Besides an obvious passion for reading, I’ve also been taking daily photos for over 5 years now. It’s a lot harder, and more rewarding, than it might sound. If you’re curious, check out Tookapic where I’ve found a wonderful community of people: a community so strong that I traveled to Poland to meet up with many of the people from the site who live there. I’d love to see you on Tookapic, as well!

I currently live in Boston, USA, but have also lived in Daegu, South Korea while teaching. Let me tell you: it changed me. I found my true home in the world! I’m always happy to chat about what life was like there, which you can read about if you’d like on my other blog, Teach & Travel: Korea. I plan to move back there as soon as I can to teach again. In the meantime, I satisfy my love of travel with spontaneous trips to wherever sounds interesting. Recommendations always welcome! ☺