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Spine Poetry: Recent Reads April 2023

Hey y’all! Every now and then (more often “then” than “now”) I feel a bit loose and creative and slide into doing some poetry based on book titles. I’ve done a few of these before, though not for a while. I was reading some old ones and started getting excited to try it again. So here I am!

The selection this time is the last 5 books I finished. In this case, they’re almost all nonfiction, so I’m curious to see if that affects the difficulty in composing a poem or the tone of the result.

A Good Date

a pleasant diary:
we eat, practice adaptation
we talk, approach something
radical enlightenment
graphic four-legged loving

My Internal City of Learning

a pleasant town:
Buddha is life
death: enlightenment
approach loving everyone
practice adaptation
a Tibetan paradise

A Lovely or Strange Tale

about adaptation and Buddha:
death eat enlightenment, everyone
four-legged life loving more paradise
pleasant radical town talk

my take

A Good Date:
Well, okay, this one just kind of happened and was fun. xD This is people on a date eating dinner and chatting, really hitting it off, and deciding to have sex. It goes well. 😂

My Internal City of Learning:
Two of these books were at least partially about Buddhism (I’ve been on a tear with those) so this poem encompasses some of my learning and thoughts about it so far. Unfortunately Tibetan towns aren’t always as free to live or believe as they should be, which is insane to me. Still, the focus of this poem is more of a look at what an ideal might be. One where death is met with gratitude and hope, as a chance to move on to the next stage and attempt enlightenment once again. People approach each other with love in their hearts, and are adaptable to situations and community. I’d live there for sure. ^.^

A Lovely or Strange Tale:
This one is slightly similar in tone to the one above, but I challenged myself to use all the words in alphabetical order, so it got a little funky. xD The second line sounds kind of negative, but it’s intended as a positive in the view that death thrives on enlightenment and eventually comes to everyone. Everyone gets a chance at their next life.

The third line is a reference to the belief that all life has purpose and consciousness and value, as well as a reminder to live like a happy dog might: approaching everyone with love and no judgment, being curious about the world, being quick to forgive, and so much more. The fourth line is reflecting the hope of a community to share these ideas with.

the books


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