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Spot the Difference Game: Author Names on Book Covers

Hey y’all! Not to get your hopes up with this title, as I do not expect this to be a common thing. xD But I saw one book cover as I was looking through NetGalley titles that stood out to me as being kind of a weird design choice. It was originally weird for a reason all it’s own, but then as I looked at all the other books on the page, it was clearly just weird overall.

So take a look at the list of books below and see if you can find the author name that stands out from the rest. Let me know your guess and why in the comments — then expand to see if we were looking at the same thing!

► Click here to see the “answer” that I was looking at!
    The book second from the left in the bottom row, titled My Darling Girl, has the author’s first name in lowercase, and second name in uppercase. That alone is weird — why mix?? — but literally every other book cover on this page has the author name in all capital letters! No wonder the lowercase caught my eye!


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4 thoughts on “Spot the Difference Game: Author Names on Book Covers

  1. That is an odd discrepancy! I didn’t notice it, though. I wonder if it was intentional?

    What I did notice was Ruth Ware’s name being the same size font as the book’s title. It always bugs me when cover designers do that. I want there to be some difference in size between the two, personally.


  2. I feel like this isn’t the first time that I’ve seen that author’s name is the same size as her title? Or maybe I just think I’ve seen it before… I feel like they were trying to get that symmetry with the title and author name but it is weird!

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