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2022 Year in Review, Part 1: Goodreads & Storygraphs Base Stats Version

Hey y’all! GUESS WHAT I’M FINALLY DOING! 😀 My 2022 wrap up posts basically didn’t happen this year because I just didn’t have the energy for it (lots of formatting 😑) but now here we go!

I’m taking a look at compiling all the delicious data about my reading in 2022, starting with what Goodreads gives me and comparing those stats to what Storygraph has of the same. My main reason for that is because Goodreads has some nice simple presentations of info sometimes, BUT Storygraph is what I actually use daily so it’s more accurate. When differing numbers are given, Storygraph is the winner for sure! To be honest there’s not a ton of point in me using Goodreads when it’s data is bad, but I’m not ready to let go yet so 🤷‍♀️ Maybe next year!

Black backgrounds are from Storygraph, and white backgrounds are from Goodreads!

Books read: 145
Pages read: 51,288
Minutes listened: 7.02h

This is one of my highest years ever, somehow! According to Goodreads, I read 142 books in 2020, so by that count I made it to a new record with the book I read entirely on New Years Eve! xD BUT, according to Storygraph (which is probably more accurate since that’s the one I use daily) I read 145 this year (and 143 in 2020) so I’m actually a few over. But either way, DAMN!

Plus, hey!! I listened to a WHOLE audiobook this year! Usually I’ll dip into one but stop.

So there’s about a 20 page discrepancy between GR and SG, and the ratings are pretty close too even though I didn’t rate all my books on GR (short by maybe 7). I actually found myself using the .25 / .5 / .75 star rating options in SG more as the year went on, much to my surprise. That’s not something I usually have wanted in the past, but I sure do enjoy nuance. It made placing books easier if I could think X was better than Y and Y was 2.25 and X should be at least 2.5.

The books are the same on Storygraph, but oddly the page count for Empire of Gold is way different, maybe due to formatting or specific edition choice. Usually on GR I just lazily choose whichever pops up because it’s a hassle to find my exact one, but SG makes it so easy that I always pick the exact edition I’m reading. So official count for longest book is 816 pages!

I read this one in preparation for my first-ever dog to join my life, and I’m actually super glad I read this because boy did I have no idea. It was useful to be somewhat prepped for the fear period(s) and have some basic training tips to start me off with. My girl is gentle and goofy and independent and loves to learn so I think we did okay! 🙂

Boy did I plow through the whole Heartstopper series triggered by a whim purchase at Target. As can be seen by the fact that this was volume 4!!! And actually I agree that they only got better as they continued, because the characters were developed and could get a deep-dive into their emotions and struggles.

And my Storygraph highest rated is Lore Olympus volume 2! What’s up with myself and tons of others absolutely loving graphic novels / visual stories? They are so good y’all! I also have since added the first three printed versions of Lore Olympus to my shelves and I adore having them and am so happy the series has started back up again on Webtoon. 😍

This stat is very varied based on the database each site has as well as it’s length of usage, so no huge surprise there. Annoyingly, the Goodreads redesign that I hate has now been re-forced upon me with seemingly no option to revert (and no changes to improve the many issues with it). What this means is I can no longer see the detailed shelving data for a book, or at least not in any obviously accessible way.

*CAME BACK WITH THE ANSWER* The info is under “book stats” which you should really just search on the page for to find because it’s tiny and vague. Anyway, for comparison, on Goodreads the number of people who have shelved The Love Hypothesis is: 1,986,379. Now granted, I’m not sure if SG is just doing shelves this year versus all time, but HOT DAMN THAT’S A BIG DIFFERENCE! Also if you’re curious, 501 people on GR have shelved Dragon’s Protector so still a huge gap between the bestsellers and the indie / self published stuff!

I should probably meet those 2 other people who shelved it because maybe we could be very specifically bonded friends. xD

And finally, all the book covers in a teeny tiny chart! I have some on here that are unrated which I usually would fix but it’s Goodreads and it’s already not my main data source so I didn’t care that much. Just look at how tiny and tidy they are!

So that’s part one y’all! Though formatting can be a pain, I did have fun going through this and learning some things about my reading trends. And especially that 2022 was the year I read the most books ever?? I did not see that coming!!


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5 thoughts on “2022 Year in Review, Part 1: Goodreads & Storygraphs Base Stats Version

  1. That’s a fun comparison! Though I think the difference you pointed out between the numbers on The Love Hypothesis shelving is just the difference in the number of users. GR has been around a LOT longer than TSG, plus it’s easy to add books to it from Amazon—Kindle has an auto “add to Goodreads” feature that I’m sure people turned on and then forgot about—so I think the difference there is just growing pains for TSG.

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    1. Yeah, now that GR and Amazon are integrated / owned it has a lot of automatic stuff like that. I kind of prefer the SG numbers tbh because the GR ones are SO big that it loses context in my brain. 3 million people for ONE BOOK? Damn, yo.


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