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February 2023 TBR: just a few

Hey y’all! I only have a few books specifically planned for this month, and the rest is going to be a lot of mood reading. Here’s what I have in mind!

Miscellaneous united!

Her Name Is Knight by Yasmin Angoe is a book I got from Kindle First Reads a while back, but didn’t end up reading yet. It’s part of the current Kindle Challenge as an option for Black History Month, so I figured now was the time! Unfortunately, it’s incredibly graphic and violent and covers some really terrible things. So far I’ve been really struggling to read it because it’s just so incredibly grim, even though it’s also interesting and compelling and intriguing. I think I’m past the worst of it though (god willing…) so I’ll continue on… slowly.

Hero in a Halfling by William Tyler Davis is my answer to the book above, and some of the others I’ve finished recently that were on the darker side. I really needed a light fantasy where no one was worried about suicide or rape or financial ruin. So far, none of those have come up. I have a feeling this is a bit similar in vibe to the wildly popular Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree, though I haven’t read that one (yet). It’s lightly parodying and makes me smile a lot.

Divide Me By Zero by Lara Vapnyar is a book I had not heard of until I found it on a shelf at the bookstore today where I treated myself to picking one book out. This was the winner! It’s a reflective book with a Russian immigrant who was raised on math as the MC. It’s also by Tin House Books, which I’ve been recently introduced to through Aardvark Book Club and have enjoyed their unusual subject range in their titles. Maybe this is another winner?

Honestly, that’s it. This is all the energy I have for planning right now. I haven’t even posted in a week, which is extremely uncommon for me. This is what I could manage. Back to reading….


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5 thoughts on “February 2023 TBR: just a few

  1. Wow, with a cover like that I really didn’t expect your description of the book to be incredibly graphic and violent! The cover immediately piqued my interest but what you’re saying about it definitely does… not… 🫣 But Hero in A Halfling sounds like the perfect counter to it and your comp to Legends & Lattes, which was one of my fave reads last year, definitely has me intrigued! Just might have to add it to my Amazon Radar Wishlist. I hope you have a great reading month in Feb, Jennifer!


    1. Oh gosh it’s a rough one. I’ve managed to get to about 65% and it had a few brief happy chapters but now it’s spring back towards terror. 😅 It’s a good book, just not quite for me


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