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Good skin, good underwear, and good books

Mom’s theory was that youthful skin would make a woman more money (true in both acting and waitressing), good underwear would make her more confident (so far, so true), and good books would make her happy (universal truth), and we’ve clearly both packed with this theory in mind.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

3 thoughts on “Good skin, good underwear, and good books

  1. LOL! That’s amusing. And it rings true… My grandma was always making sure to tell me and my sister about the importance of moisturizing. I also have a memory of someone (maybe my mom?) half-joking about making sure when you travel to “wear underwear you wouldn’t be embarrassed to die in” or something like that. The intent has always stuck with me, at least. 😉

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    1. I moisturize like there’s a lot of tomorrows, and I want to feel good for the majority of them. xD Also because it’s cold and winter and I have dry skin 😅 As for underwear, I’ve become a lot more practical xD but thankfully there are a lot more brands now that can marry practical with cute so it’s not an either / or 😊


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