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January 2023 TBR: not as much from my shelf as I had planned

Hey y’all! It’s the first TBR of 2023, and I’m coming in hot by having set a plan in December for how I wanted to start the new year and then immediately doing something different! Here’s to living wildly in 2023! 😅

My original intention was to read a lot of the books that are in my physical library, because I own a lot of books and it’s actually kind of annoying me. I want to read more of them so I can decide if I like them enough to keep them, or if they should be donated, sold on PangoBooks (currently 44 books listed!!), or otherwise swapped out of my collection.

Of course, then I had a few books gifted to me that I wanted to read. And I also had a few library holds come in that have had super long waits, so I don’t want to miss my chance. And then I have an ARC or two to finish in January. So that plan to read only from my shelves is out the window for the month! But that’s okay. I’ll use those as my filler books when I’m in between titles or mood-reader swerving into something different.

So with all of that in mind, here’s my first TBR for the year and what I’m hoping to read in January.

If you insist…

Each of these books has something that is kind of making me have to read it this month. None of that is bad, but it does force them onto my list!

Before The Coffee Gets Cold is the choice for my book club in January. I’m a little on the fence about that because it’s a book that I’ve looked at many times and ended up deciding that it would probably be too intellectual for what I really want. However, now that it’s a book club pick, I guess I’m giving it a shot! I really hope that my impression previously was wrong, and I end up falling in love with it.

Spice Road is a big ‘ol fantasy book that I got as an ARC, and I’m quite excited about that. I admit I’m a little nervous too because this feels like a book that could drag a little bit and end up not being what I had hoped for, but I remain optimistic. I just finished reading a magic arctic fantasy book, so now I’m going the other way with a desert fantasy book.

And finally, All That’s Left Unsaid is a book that I had put on hold at the library long ago enough that when it came through, I thought to myself, I don’t even remember what this book is about! That can be the best though, because then I have a book that I know I was excited about and interested in and now I get to read it as blindly as can be having already chosen it for myself. I’m only a little ways in right now, but already I’ve been pretty quickly sucked into this.

No, *I* insist!

House of Sky and Breath was a gift from Julie at One Book More that I am extremely grateful and excited for! (Julie you sweetheart, thank you so much!!) The first book was also gifted to me the year it came out as well, so this has a really nice parallel that made me smile even more. This is a chunky one so I probably won’t finish it this month, but we will see! I still remember the ending of the first one and how extremely intense it was, so I can’t wait to pick this one up (even if it will be a small workout every time I’m holding it 😂).

I Will Always Write Back is a nonfiction one that I found on the shelf at the library while wandering the stacks, and it sounds exactly like something I would want to read. It’s about letters between new pen pals and how words matter and connect. I think it will be heartwarming and inspiring and generally just make me feel nice about the world. I always like that.

A Time to Dance is a book I got from the Kellogg’s Feeding Reading program and is more of a place holder book for my small goal of reading at least one book off my shelf this month. Since I swapped that goal out of my main plans for the month, I want to have at least one book to fill that original criteria! So I might trade this out for another book depending on how I’m feeling, but right now this is the one that caught my eye.

So that’s the plan for this month! Are any of these on your TBR?


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7 thoughts on “January 2023 TBR: not as much from my shelf as I had planned

  1. Spice Road sounds really interesting (and I LOVE that cover!) so I might pick it up eventually.

    Before the Coffee Gets Cold is actually one I’ve already read, and I didn’t find it to be that intellectual honestly. Maybe because I was more interested by the cultural differences I saw and the way the translation worked? But I did really enjoy the book! I hope you do as well.

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    1. Well I hope I’m wrong about Cold Coffee (heehee) then! I do tend to love cultural stories so if it’s more of a focus on that then I’ll be golden. If you posted a review could you send it my way, link it here or something?

      Spice Road’s cover is 100% what got me in xD. I saw an alt cover for it and I was surprised they would even have a different cover because the first one was so gorgeous and alluring.


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