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Review: Summertide (Wonder Tales #4) by Charlotte E. English

Summertide by Charlotte E. English

Recommended: YES!
For a world of magic and wonder, for a story that warms your heart, for an intriguing and exciting plot rife with mystery, for extraordinarily unique and lovable characters


On the edge of the town of Kottow stands the tallest (and oddest) Tree in the land. It’s a staid and solid arbour — until the Tree picks up its mighty old roots and wanders off, taking its resident band of misfits away with it. Whither goes the Tree? Not even the wizard can say.

‘There is something mighty fey about all this, or my name ain’t Diggory Stokey.’

Far away from Kottow, a forest lies lost in the mists of a dream. There’s much to mend in this hoary old wood, for the Summer’s been swept from the glittering skies, and no one’s keeping an eye on the Winter…

‘Enchanted forests,’ Mudleaf spat. ‘Bah. Like it’s been raining magic this long age through.’

The good folk of Kottow aren’t used to so wayward a magic — not even Maut Fey, the one with the sunlight behind her eyes. But magic will have its way with them, whether they will or no.

Summertide’s waiting. Can the folk of the Tree bring it back, or will the wild magic wash them away?


Are you feeling a bit burnt out? Does it feel like there’s endless stress and pain in the world and you just want somewhere to take a break? Are you hoping to find a world of sunshine and compassion that is still exciting and compelling?

Y’all, this book is exactly what I needed and exactly what you might need too. Apparently the author also thought that, because in the notes at the end they mentioned writing it during COVID lockdowns and how they really need something happy and lovely to carry them through. The result is this wonderful gift for us all.

This book is something of its own. It is somehow gentle and loving without being boring or lacking intrigue and drama. Every character is multifaceted and infinitely lovable. If I could read spin-off books about all the people we meet in this tree I absolutely would. Luckily for me, there appear to be multiple books in this series, and while they may not focus on these exact characters, if the vibe is the same then I will love them just as much.

So I think I’ve made it clear that the overall feeling of reading this book is light-hearted and comforting and wondrous. The story itself is solid too though, and does have a clear plot to drive it all. With the focus on lost monarchs, good friends, and seasons trapped in time, this is just a wholeheartedly warm and fun tale of magic. If you don’t end it wanting to live with them, I would be surprised. Granted, as I write this, today is the first day of winter where I live and the weather forecast just says “WIND”, so the idea of endless summer feels pretty appealing in some ways.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this book and I am really glad that I purchased a copy of my own so I can reread it anytime I want. I will definitely be getting the others books in the series as well!


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