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2 Second Review: Lady and the Vamp by C.C. Wood

Lady and the Vamp by C.C. Wood

Astra may be a Valkyrie, but on the battlefield of love, she can’t win.
Every man she dates is boring, intimidated by her, or treats her like one of the guys. She has nothing against beer and wings at a sports bar, but to be wined and dined once in a while isn’t too much to ask, right?
Between her mother’s “suitable” Vikings and the supernatural dating service, Mystical Matchmakers, neither seem to be able to get it right.

Rune is a good-looking, successful vampire. The only people he kills are in the books he writes, yet every relationship he has seems to fizzle before he takes it to the next level.
Desperate for something deeper, he joins Mystical Matchmakers, and is immediately smitten by the tall, beautiful Valkyrie. Their first date is fantastic and Rune just knows that she’s perfect for him.

Until he hits an unexpected obstacle—her family.

Can their relationship survive a fight with the people Astra loves the most?


This was easy to read in one sitting. The focus is entirely on the romance as this is a shorter length, so the conflict and resolution is all fairly simple so it can be resolved in the space allotted. There’s probably at least ten pages of detailed sex scenes, too, so if that’s what you’re looking for then this has it!

The characters are so easy to root for even when they make emotional (bad) decisions. It made the romance enjoyable because it was like watching a friend fall in love and I just felt happy for them. The trials are of course entertaining, but the majority of the book is spent with them learning each other and themselves.

I liked this one and will definitely be looking up others in this fun series!


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