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Bro, I think I would know

Before I could muster the courage to ask again, he pulled a bundle of cloth from his bag and held it out for me. “You must be hungry.”

I debated pointing out that I’d eaten soup for lunch at the same table he had, and if he couldn’t remember that I’d helped myself to seconds and thirds, he certainly didn’t have a right to act like an observant, considerate Mage now. But my hands took the bundle from his, and my heavy legs decided on their own accord that it was time to sit.

The Quarter Mage by Angelina J Steffort

Okay, I love this quote because she totally calls the guy out on making choices and assumptions for her that he’s ABSOLUTELY WRONG ABOUT. I feel like often with male romance leads, they do that as a trope where they know the woman better than she knows herself, and I find that less romantic and more uncomfortable, worrying. It makes me give a bit of side-eye.

It reminds me too much of doctors dismissing women’s symptoms, and of mansplaining, and of other problematic times men assume they know more than women. For them to assume they know more about US and our bodies than we do? Well, that’s a pretty tender spot for me, especially right now in the United States with abortion illegality issues.

Okay that said though, this was actually a really good book and I’m totally into it! xD


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