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November 2022 TBR: the end is near…

Hey y’all! It’s November, and that means 2022 is almost over. Luckily I think I’m in a pretty good spot with my various reading challenges I’m working on this year. The main one I’m focusing on is nonfiction, which is great because I still have a pile of them that I’m ready to read an excited about! There are a few other miscellaneous titles on my list too, as always. And also as always, I’m sure I will add a bunch, and end up not reading a bunch of the planned ones. xD

Since this is also already a week into the month, you can bet that I’ve finished several books already so I’ll just, uh, tactfully ignore those I guess? 😅


Yes, two of these were planned for last month. But hey, I went away for a while and didn’t get around to reading much. I bet they’ll still be good a month later. 🙂

Challenge Books

Two more nonfiction titles, and I have a third I’m hoping I’ll get from my library hold this month (though might not finish this month). And one thriller/mystery I guess? I’ve heard Celeste Ng’s name for years now and thought I’d probably like their style, but never got around to it. Thanks to the Year End Kindle Challenge… I’m getting around to it. 🙂

To be honest, there are more, but I don’t feel like over-committing, even just in this space. xD So I set my goals here at 6 books, when I’ve already completed a few that *had* to be done for this month.

Already done!!

In Five Years: a book club pick. Like an actual, in-person BOOK CLUB! My first with this group, and I’m really excited, especially because this book has been on my list and was GREAT.

Morning Sun in Wuhan: an ARC coming out tomorrow! You can read the review, or just know that I think it was luminescent and worth reading for sure. 🥰

Is This Anything?: I had to get it back to the library before it was due. xD


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2 thoughts on “November 2022 TBR: the end is near…

  1. I don’t even know where this year has gone. Based on my progress with my various reading challenges this year, I think I’m going to be reducing the number of annual challenges I participate in next year even further. Sticking to monthly challenges seems to be working better for me right now.

    Congrats on being in a good place with your challenges, though! Non-fiction is a great thing to focus on, and I need to follow your lead. I’ve been slacking on my NF reads these past couple of months.


  2. I don’t understand how it’s already November! 🥲 There’s still so much to do, so many books to read, and so many reviews to write—it’s never-ending! I hope you enjoy As Long As the Lemon Trees Grow—that one hit hard when I read it earlier this year. The Night Ship looks amazing too and I hope you enjoy it! I’ve had In Five Years on my TBR for so long now and I’m disappointed I still haven’t read it cos I’ve heard all good things so I’m glad to hear you loved it too. 😃 Happy reading!


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