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What time is it?? The 1000th time!

Hey y’all! I was planning on a Fast Forward Friday post today — since it’s Friday — but it’s also another milestone kind of day.

My 4th anniversary! (of my relationship lol not blogging)

BUT! Besides that, it’s ALSO…

My 1000th post on this blog!

I’ll be honest, I have NOTHING planned for this in advance because it totally snuck up on me. I saw when I posted yesterday’s review that it was my 999th post and I thought, ah shit. I can’t just have a REGULAR post for my ONE THOUSANDTH POST!

So below I’ve assembled a mishmash of stuff that ranges from data, to reflections and memories, to things that kindergartners do to celebrate the 100th day of school.

  • things I’ve done 1000 times
  • how many reviews
  • kind of posts i’ve made
  • anniversary

The data

Well that can’t be right.

Apparently there have been 75 thousand shares of my blog pages… and there have only been ~35 thousand page views. Something doesn’t line up there, and I’m willing to be it’s mega-spam. 😅 Okay, so stat number one isn’t the greatest, BUT it was an interesting surprise as I have never seen this page before!

Almost a third of these 1000 posts have been book reviews (291 so far, give or take a few mislabeled items). I’m actually really surprised and low-key impressed with myself that it’s not higher. It took a while before I posted anything besides reviews, and they are definitely still one of my easier go-to posts when I’m not feeling super creative to put together another kind of post. Still, that’s a ton!!

These are the counts for how many views I got each month since I started this in June 2019, and then the daily average.

  • 2019 June: 76 views, avg 3/day
  • 2020 June: 462 views, avg 15/day
  • 2021 June: 1009 views, avg 34/day
  • 2022 June: 3042 views, avg 101/day (first time I broke 100 avg!)
  • 2022 September:6426 views, avg 214/day (😳)

Day with most views in one day: Sept 4, 2022 (359)

One of the craziest things I’ve felt while blogging has been the wild jumps in stats for no clear reason. A few that I’ve been able to suss out are that in January views always rocket up, which I assume is due to new year resolutions of people wanting to read more, or starting their own blog, etc. Sometimes a timely post will get a lot of sustained views (looking at you, How I Predicted the Twist in “Rock Paper Scissors” From the First Few Chapters (LOTS O’ SPOILERS!) over there!)

One of my absolutely favorite pieces of data has been seeing all the countries where views come from. I find this extremely cool and exciting, to think that in some small way, I’ve connected with people from all over the world. Look at all of those countries!! It’s so many!! The above chart is for the entire life of this blog, but even month-to-month, I see new places pop up and get a thrill each time. 🙂

Shout out to the countries with only one view. Whomever you were, I see you (kinda).

Malawi ♥ Cape Verde ♥ Seychelles ♥ Norfolk Island ♥ Greenland ♥ Kosovo ♥ El Salvador ♥ Suriname ♥ Botswana ♥ Laos ♥ South Sudan ♥ St. Kitts & Nevis ♥ Guernsey ♥ Cayman Islands ♥ Papua New Guinea ♥ Bolivia ♥ Cameroon ♥ Panama ♥ Cuba ♥ Rwanda ♥ Aruba ♥ Bermuda ♥ Eritrea ♥ Angola ♥ U.S. Virgin Islands

The memories

  • That time I interviewed a new author and it was cool – I have no idea how to interview people, y’all, but I gave it a damn go because I loved the book and wanted to learn more about the author and characters and man it was awesome to put together in the end. 🙂 (this one!)
  • picking my theme color: it’s this one
  • learning about and using NetGalley: well if this hasn’t transformed my reading the most in the past few years, I don’t know what has. ARCs are a world of their own, and while there’s still so many backlist books, I can’t deny the thrill of getting to read a book I’m excited for just that little bit early!
  • bought my own domain: my own piece of the internet! more proud and excited about this than buying my first house xD
  • posting every day for a full year: MAN was that tiring. Vacation without reliable internet posting from my phone, days I was sick or overtired, didn’t matter: a post went up.
  • signing up for a book subscription box: and hey, just because I haven’t been super into their choices this year doesn’t mean it was a bad move. 🙂
  • created the Reviews Gallery with anchoring and sh*t: Looking at them makes me happy and it was also a massive lift to get it done but I’m quite pleased with it
  • figuring out how to do collapsible content: and then sharing it with Dini. Look out world!
  • reaching out to a publisher for an ARC: even better when they say yes. Asking an actual person for stuff is way more uncomfortable for me but dang it I’m working on it!
  • did a buddy read with another blogger: Nicole, THANK YOU! After dropping hints and requests to many people on many blogs, you finally said yes, and I really loved doing the buddy read of THE GHOST BRIDE. Totally up for it to not be the last. ^.^
  • The goofy typos and weird word recommendations that make me laugh. See below:
If I didn’t love that option so much I’d fight this
is… is it sneaked??

Other things I’ve done 1000 times (probably)

  1. Take a photo every day in a row
  2. wake up (go me!)
  3. kiss my boyfriend (4 years of kisses!)
  4. text someone an emoji
  5. eat some ice cream
  6. finish a book (total count is at 1057 right now, an that’s excluding a lot I read as a child, I’m sure. 😊)
  7. take a subway in Boston
  8. open mail
  9. play Elder Scrolls Online for an hour
  10. had a school day

also a small note that the temp post assignment number for this prior to publishing is…



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