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When “Readers also enjoyed…” results surprise you

I didn’t expect a young adult lgbtq romance to have Will Smith’s autobiography as a book other readers enjoyed, but then again, it IS on my shelf about half read so I guess it’s not too inaccurate!


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4 thoughts on “When “Readers also enjoyed…” results surprise you

    1. I’ve also noticed a lot of the time that they’ll have books from a similar source, which wouldn’t be recognizable to someone outside that group. For example, there’s a site called Bookishfirst that does weekly ARC giveaways, and a lot of those books on Goodreads have “similar books” listed that are also from Bookishfirst. I don’t know that it’s driving an entire algorithm, but it’s pretty consistent. The group on BF is looking at and adding all the same books haha


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