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Top Ten Tuesday: Lovely Wordy Covers πŸ˜

Hey y’all! Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish question idea that was originally created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, from way back in June 2010! Since January 2018, Top Ten Tuesday has been hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Thanks for taking it over! The idea is to make a list of ten books or bookish things on different topics each week. Check out her site for details on how to join and what the upcoming prompts are. 😊 You can also see all the posts from other bloggers linked on each weekly post on their main site.

This week’s prompt is typographic covers. Covers where words are the winner, and that’s all there needs to be. Covers where the title is the focus, and maybe it’s done creatively or just smashed in huge letters so you can’t miss it. I ADORE this topic because I think making an attractive, interesting cover without any usual visuals is an impressive skill, and can be done so well. I found a bunch below!! πŸ˜€

The books

The covers are more giant than usual this week since the focus is entirely on the cover!

That’s it for this week! Have you read any of the above books? Link to your posts this week in the comments as well πŸ™‚


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21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Lovely Wordy Covers πŸ˜

    1. It sounds so fascinating! I think I need to be a in a particular reading mood to really settle into it though, so my next sci-fi-ish round will probably see this one πŸ™‚


  1. Ooh, I totally forgot about Dark Matter but I love that cover and how the typography does a good job of hinting at what the story involves (only clear once you’ve read it, obviously, lol)! I also love the cover for Heroine and Craiglist Confessional is great too 😍 Awesome picks, Jennifer!

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