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What happens when you like a series

I recently bought V1 of Heartstopper by Alice Oseman with some store credit I had, having never heard of it before but thinking it looked cute after checking out the first chapter or so. I read that first one and was so excited for more!

Then a few days ago I learned there was a webcomic, that had more to read! So I started diving in there. 🙂

…And THEN in one of the comics, there was a little author note at the end that mentioned they had FOUR BOOKS PUBLISHED WTF? I thought there was only one! So of course I checked the digital library and took a copy of the next book.

Read it.

Got a copy of the third.

Read that too.

Got a copy of the fourth.

Read most of that…

…then finished it later that day.

So…. here’s what that looks like. xD

My chart numbers are going to be ridiculous for this month when 250 is the lowest number to measure by. Those days where it’s like 20 are looking pretty silly right about now. 🤣


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2 thoughts on “What happens when you like a series

  1. LOL! I love it when there’s the one outlier day that completely messes up the month’s statistics. It just looks so funny! (For me, it’s lately been when I have to do a lot of solo driving in one day, and therefore listen to multiple hours of my audiobook in one shot.)

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    1. At least here I guess it makes it look really impressive xD As opposed to if I had read like 100 pages per day, and then… 4. I’m trying so hard to find an audiobook I can stick with! I’ll keep an eye out on your page for any recos


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