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My Amazon First Reads picks may finally break their streak of being really disappointing!

Hey y’all! I’ve mentioned before in some reviews of books I read that were from the Amazon First Reads program that they had continuously not impressed me. Some were so unenjoyable that I just DNFd the book usually between 20-50% depending on how generous I was feeling about giving it a chance.

WELL! I think I’ve finally found one that’s working for me! Oddly enough, it was for the July first reads that I put off choosing until the very last day of the month that I was able to choose them. I’ve been so disheartened by how bad previous choices were for me that I was feeling like I shouldn’t bother… but ultimately, I can’t have 2 free books offered and not even look at them!

I’m glad I did because there were several intriguing choices. I was debating on, and accidentally opened the chapter sampler of it. I realized that was a good idea to help me decide if I would like it, and three chapters later I realized yes, I liked it, and should probably just get the whole book. xD

Hopefully this holds true, and I’ll have a cheerful review of No Ordinary Thursday by Anoop Judge soon!


Lena Sharma is a successful San Francisco restaurateur. An immigrant, she’s cultivated an image of conservatism and tradition in her close-knit Indian community. But when Lena’s carefully constructed world begins to crumble, her ties to her daughter, Maya, and son, Sameer—both raised in thoroughly modern California—slip further away.

Maya, divorced once, becomes engaged to a man twelve years her junior: Veer Kapoor, the son of Lena’s longtime friend. Immediately Maya feels her mother’s disgrace and the judgment of an insular society she was born into but never chose, while Lena’s cherished friendship frays. Meanwhile, Maya’s younger brother, Sameer, struggles with an addiction that reaches a devastating and very public turning point, upending his already tenuous future.

As the mother, daughter, and son are compromised by tragedy, secrets, and misconceptions, they each must determine what it will take to rebuild their bonds and salvage what’s left of their family.


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

10 thoughts on “My Amazon First Reads picks may finally break their streak of being really disappointing!

  1. Oh damn, now you’re making me regret not choosing an Amazon First Reads book last month! 😂 I’m still undecided for August and I usually try to wait until a few more reviews pop up for whichever book I’m interested in but then I ultimately forget about it by the end 🙈

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    1. Whoops! 🙂 I mean if you have Kindle Unlimited or Prime I think they’re often on those as well, so that might be an option? I tend to forget or deliberately ignore, and then the email that’s like “only 2 days left!!” usually gets to me and makes me look xD


      1. I got so sick of picking from among books that weren’t “my kind of books” that I gave up. I have a few romances that I selected from there which might be enjoyable for me, but the focus seemed to be on thrillers and lit-fic, which aren’t genres I usually read. So I gave up.


  2. I missed my chance to grab last months first reads but the options for August look intriguing..
    I hope you enjoy this one and I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it.
    Happy reading!

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