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Why books are scarier than movies

“Look, an image is there in front of you. Right? You stare at it but then you can look away and it’s gone,” she said. “Words aren’t like that. They build an entire world around you. It’s not something you look at, it’s something you’re inside. That makes it scarier.”

The Upside of Falling by Alex Light


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4 thoughts on “Why books are scarier than movies

  1. I totally agree. Plus, I think as someone who has a really overactive imagination, the images and feelings that I conjure up in my head about something linger for longer than if I watch something. Usually. Kinda. 😂

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    1. YEEEEES. Honestly I feel like I could write a whole post about this. XD Reading Gone Girl was so chilling to me I had to set it down frequently and watch something happy or read some comics. Which was kind of a problem because it was for a class at the time so I really had a time frame to finish it haha


  2. also a movie can only scare you, but a book can physically hurt you. it’ll spook ya and then papercut ya. truly an elevated form of horror

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