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Kindle 2022 Summer Reading Challenge Achievements Guide!

Hey y’all! If you use Kindle, you might have seen last month that they had a Spring Challenge where you could get little badges shaped like bookmarks for different reading and book-related goals they set. I scoffed at the idea that it would get anyone to read more, and then proceeded to obsessively track and get every one of the achievements. You can see them all here. It also has some FAQs on the challenges overall, like what counts as reading and how to view badges from old challenges.

Clearly I’m going to keep that up, so I wanted to put together a new post for their Summer Challenge set! I’ll update these as they reveal the mystery badges and as I unlock the full badges.

Kindle Summer Reading Challenge Achievements

This one runs from July 1st to September 30th, 2022.

Days Read

  • Bronze Reader: read on any 15 days during the challenge
  • Silver Reader: read on any 40 days during the challenge
  • Gold Reader: read on any 75 days during the challenge

Books Completed

  • Bookish: read one book
  • Bookworm: read two books
  • Bibliophile: read three books


  • Head Start: read one day
  • Perfect Week: read 7 days in a row (Sunday through Saturday)
  • Perfect Month: read every day for a calendar month (ex. every day in August)

Mystery (more details on each below, added here as they are revealed!

  • Around the Campfire: read a book from the Summer Reading list
  • Prime Day: read on July 12 or 13 during Amazon Prime days
  • Topshelf: Read an Editors’ Pick of an Amazon Original Story
    • Note that you can only access this list via the link in the achievement in the app, and will have to add any books to your wishlist or otherwise save them and then purchase them via browser since you can’t purchase via the app anymore. Asked customer service. They also couldn’t find a way to get this list in the browser. OY. Email to tell them to change this for future achievements!!!
  • I’m A Fan: Sign up for updates from an author by following them

Mystery badges!

The mystery badges are revealed periodically during the months of the challenge. Each one has a hint on it’s page before it’s revealed, which I’ve included below. I also added my prediction for what the criteria for each one will be!

  • Around the Campfire: read a book from the Kindle Store Summer Reading list
    • (7/6) Hint: “The best way to escape the summer heat”
    • Prediction: read a romance book
  • Prime Day: Read on July 12 or 13 during Amazon Prime Days
    • (7/11) Hint: “A Prime time to read”
    • Prediction: read during July 12 – 13, which are Amazon Prime Days
  • Topshelf: Read an Editors’ Pick of an Amazon Original Story
    • (7/20) Hint: “Book lovers approved!”
    • Prediction: read a book on a list of “best books so far this year”
  • I’m A Fan: Sign up for updates from an author by following them (nailed it!)
    • (8/10) Hint: “Never miss a new release”
    • Prediction: sign up for updates from an author
    • Note: this was a badge in the Spring 2022 challenge too!
  • Mystery 8/31: “Get hooked in a hurry”
    • Prediction: read the first book in a series
  • Mystery 9/14: “Finish strong”
    • Prediction: read during the last two weeks of the challenge (September 16 – 30)

Will you be keeping an eye on any of the Kindle reading challenges this summer? Drop a link in the comments to your own tracking post if you have one! 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Kindle 2022 Summer Reading Challenge Achievements Guide!

  1. This Kindle Achievements thing is so cool and I’m honestly very bummed that it’s not something I have on my app and I don’t know why! 🥺 Good luck with the challenge though and happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, still?? That’s so weird!! It seems like something that would have no issue being international, I wonder why your don’t have it yet. 😐 You can copy my little digital badge images to your own spot once you get them to do it manually? ☺️


  2. Oh my gosh!! I had noooo idea this was a thing! I just went to my app and apparently I’ve won achievements for several rounds!! I got 9 achievements in the Spring round and didn’t even know. Haha I’ve got one already. Glad to have seen this. Good luck with your challenge!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha what a fun surprise right? That’s how I felt with the one in January which I guess was their first one and was invite only, and I definitely don’t remember getting an invite xD totally missed it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I definitely didn’t get an invite either. I have a list of 4 on mine.. starting January 2021. It’s actually my husbands account but my kindle.. I wonder if he got the email and didn’t tell me. haha. Either way, pretty cool 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re just visuals anyway, in the end. Not really missing out on much haha. Also based on last month, they are definitely employed to get people to buy their books off of certain lists and in certain genres and things like that so it’s all still marketing xD


  3. I can swear I read every single day in the month of July but there was one day in the middle of the month, Kindle didn’t want to track it as “read”. Oh so frustrating. I can’t stop looking at the missed achievement and feeling sad.
    I love this feature of the “reading insights” thing and the associated achievements system but I wish Amazon could perfect it fully or admit that it’s not always functional and let us edit when it needs an edit 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that definitely happened to me as well! I also had read on my kindle that wasn’t connected to wifi so it didn’t register which was unfortunate.


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