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Penryn and the end of days saved me this week

Hey y’all! I started a re-read of a favorite young adult dystopian novel of mine called Angelfall by Susan Ee. I started that on June 3rd (5 days ago) and have now finished the other 2 books in the series as well without really planning to do so. I posted my June TBR on June 1 all proud to have it set, and by June 3 I was already doing something else. 🤣

It’s pretty hard to resist those stunning covers, right? Anyway, I was just having a crappy day and my reading had felt quite stunted (in large part due to the slogs of Pachinko and Dune which I had recently ended). I was going through my Kindle thinking, what can I read that will be comfortable and familiar and exciting?

Angellfall was my clear answer. 🥰

I’ve had a stressy few weeks and these really helped give me something to enjoy and escape into. So now that I’ve finished them, what’s up next? Hmmm…


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