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Top Ten Tuesday: Quotes from my favorite nonfiction books

Hey y’all! Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish question idea that was originally created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, from way back in June 2010! Since January 2018, Top Ten Tuesday has been hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Thanks for taking it over! The idea is to make a list of ten books or bookish things on different topics each week. Check out her site for details on how to join and what the upcoming prompts are. 😊 You can also see all the posts from other bloggers linked on each weekly post on their main site.

This week’s prompt is listed as a quote-based freebie. I honestly had no idea where to start so I just started going through my reading journal for books I had quotes from. Once I realized I had a lot from nonfiction titles, I realized how much sense that made. I learn a lot in nonfiction titles, and authors usually have reign to be silly and include some humor. I will often highlight lines that made me laugh so I can return to them! So below are a collection of educational and/or amusing lines that I found in nonfiction books.

The quoted books

Travellers stick to their schedules. They travel to a plan and it’s rare that they’ll change it, even for something as magical as peeling away your onion layers and losing all your body weight and probably your hair just to make the jungle happy.

The Puma Years by Laura Coleman

“All progress, ultimately, is the result of playing with ideas and seeing new ways of connecting existing knowledge in such a way that the sum is greater than its constituent parts. And making such unlikely connections is the essence of punning. Without learning to pun, we might just take speech at face value and wouldn’t necessarily learn to hunt for deeper, different or related meanings.”

The Pun Also Rises by John Pollack

To explain how strong your vagina is, know that type I collagen has a greater tensile strength than steel. Try mentioning that at your next dinner party.

This Is How You Vagina by Nicole E Williams, M.D.

“That’s the truth of the world, Jessica,” he says, casually full-naming me to let me know something big is coming. “Nobody waves—but everybody waves back.”

I hear his mic drop all the way from Chicago.”

Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come by Jessica Pan

A little research revealed that coffee cup sleeves have been around since ancient times. They even have a name: zarfs.

Thanks a Thousand by A.J. Jacobs

There was another reason the president liked making fun of himself: it earned him the right to mock people who genuinely pissed him off.

Thanks, Obama by David Litt

It has helped me learn that love evolves over time. The romance and the emotional part become secondary. The practicalities of life—the obligations and responsibilities, the loop jumping—they take precedence. We’re in a better place now.

Craigslist Confessional by Helena Dea Bala

“The internet is amazing because it connects us with one another. But it’s also horrific because . . . it connects us with one another.”

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

There was something appealing about actively choosing your partner again and again.

How to Be Married by Jo Piazza

But what is astounding is that wherever they are in the world, all the individuals of some species, so long as they are of the same genetic stock, flower in unison. Even a young bamboo grown from a cutting of an elderly parent plant will flower and may die along with the parent.

Around the World in 80 Plants by Jonathan Drori

“One of the most important things to say about the gender data gap is that it is not generally malicious, or even deliberate. Quite the opposite. It is simply the product of a way of thinking that has been around for millennia and is therefore a kind of not thinking. A double not thinking, even: men go without saying, and women don’t get said at all. Because when we say human, on the whole, we mean man.”

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

“But don’t worry,” she continued. “Most snakes don’t want to hurt you. If you’re out in the bush and a snake comes along, just stop dead and let it slide over your shoes.”
This, I decided, was the least-likely-to-be-followed advice I have ever been given.”

Down Under by Bill Bryson (title also know as In A Sunburned Country)

Those are my quotes for this week! Drop your favorite nonfiction book and a link to you Top Ten Tuesday post (if you have one!) in the comments. 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Quotes from my favorite nonfiction books

  1. Non-fiction is great route to take. We need more non-fiction in the spotlight!! I love the Felicia Day book. I remember chuckling a bit when I heard that line. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I’ve made it a goal for myself. I have so much nonfic on my TBR but novels easily push it aside most of the time since nonfic usually takes longer to really read and absorb.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree. It takes me longer too. If it’s any type of memoir, I’ve had good luck with audio. It’s the only audiobook I can even do! haha. But I’m trying to do more non-fiction.

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    1. He’s one of the first nonfiction authors I read and really enjoyed! His Year of Living Biblically was fascinating to me. I don’t think I know his genealogy one but I’ll look it up — thanks!


  2. I remember loving that Felicia Day quote when I read that book! Your other picks are great, too. I know what you mean about finding a lot of good nonfiction quotes, too. I’m currently reading The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) by Katie Mack, and it has so many great quotes!

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    1. After I wrote this up I thought, I should re-read that book of hers. xD I can totally imagine a space-related book would have a ton of interesting facts and beautiful imagery (word-wise, maybe also picture wise?) 😍


      1. It does, but it’s also just really funny! Katie Mack is writing about the various possibilities for how the universe could end based on current science, which doesn’t sound like a very funny topic, but she makes the humor work.

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  3. This is such a great list of quotes! I don’t read much NF but Sorry I’m Late is one of my favourites! So funny, so relatable, and I loved her voice so much. I have The Puma Years on my TBR so I’m looking forward to reading that but might add a few of these to my TBR as well…

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    1. I know it’s not your fav haha. Not like it has to be, but some of these are so good! The Puma Years got pretty gross at points, and also very sad, so be ready for that. It’s super good though


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