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May TBR: MAYbe I’ll read these! πŸ˜

Hey y’all! It’s about a week into the month, so of course my TBR is now becoming my ABR (already been read? no?) as I finish books early. Still, here’s the plan I came in to the month with… even though some of these are already checked off. πŸ˜‚ I do have a habit of this after all…

Those ARCs I said I wouldn’t request

Look. I usually have very good self control with ARCs and am always sure to only request ones I genuinely think I’ll enjoy and can commit to reading and reviewing before the publish date if it’s not out yet. This time… well, I’ll still do all those things, but I was trying to clear out my shelf books that haven’t been read yet. πŸ˜‚

Of these, I’ve, uh, actually already finished A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin (FABULOUS, pub Jul 12 2022) and A Hundred Silent Ways by Mari Jojie (also FABULOUS). Luckily for you, A Hundred Silent Ways is actually already published, so you can go get a copy yourself which you totally should. I’m in progress with The Olympus Trinity!

The books I said I’d finish

And this is my batch of books that I’ve been in the middle of reading — some for a bafflingly long time that I planned to finish and… didn’t.

Hey look, I’m finally reading a book by Hanna Alkaf! In a recent Top Ten Tuesday post I mentioned how I had several books by her on my tbr, for YEARS, but had never actually read one. Well here I am, reading one: Queen of the Tiles! πŸ˜€

Around the World in 80 Plants by Jonathan Drori is a wonderful book that I was enjoying dipping into for a few chapters at a time wayyyy the heck back in February (of this year, though!). I had to return it to the library though. When I went to check it back out, it had a status of “lost in transit” soooo that was unfortunate. xD I guess I’ll finish it eventually; I might just purchase my own copy, because it was a beautiful physical book.

And, oh, of course, Dune. Frank Herbert and I… we have history. Over a year of it, in fact, as I read some pages of Dune on May 8th 2021, then did not resume it until very recently. So today, on the one year anniversary of the day I put down Dune, I say: I WILL FINISH IT! Because there’s no real reason besides my excitement over other books that put this off. It’s a little slow in that grandiose kind of way, but I’m able to sink back into that now.

So that’s the plan! Sticking to my word despite my impulses, and the fact that only I care about my “word” in the end. xD Nonetheless, I’m striving to finish these books that have been in progress for a while! Are there any you plan to wrap up soon as well?


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4 thoughts on “May TBR: MAYbe I’ll read these! πŸ˜

  1. dune really is intimidating to me, lol. i’ve tried more than a few times, but it’s always defeated me. after recently watching the new movie adaptation, i want to give it another go, the world is really interesting and compelling to me, but it’s a dense read.


  2. These sound like some good picks! I’m not sure I will ever decide to actually read Dune. It might stay on my TBR forever. What I really want to do in May, though, is check out some of the urban fantasy series that I recently added to my TBR. I want to see if they’re series that I want to get into, or if one book (or a DNF) is enough. Alternately, I have other series that I should really finish up…


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