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Ten free digital books set around the globe with Amazon’s World Book Day

Hey y’all! If you haven’t heard yet, don’t fret: at the time of writing, you still have nine days to claim your free books! Every year, Amazon does a Read the World event where they share books set in different countries around the world. You can download the digital books for free here if you’d like!

Below is my breakdown on each book, including the ones I’ve read and the ones I’d most like to read! 🙂

Bolivia: The Puma Years

YESSS I LOVED THIS BOOK! Definitely read this one! 🙂

Ghana: North to Paradise

I got this one in February and am looking forward to it!


Fantasy with an epic timeline, gods, vengeance… and a stunning cover!!

Tunisia: The Ardent Swarm

I’d like to learn more of the history but this long-form allegory might be tough for me

Israel: Where the Desert Meets the Sea

Female friendship in the face of countless struggles and horrors. ❤

England: An Eye for an Eye

a detective and a serial killer! not really my thing though

India: The Other Man

India. Rom-com. Say no more.

Japan: The Easy Life in Kamusari

coming of age in the mountains of Japan (against his will). Embrace it 🥰

Netherlands: Mother Dear

Psycho home invasion and maybe psycho response? Can’t wait, actually. Hunter becomes hunted, perhaps?


Friends with an alligator? Yes please! 🥰

Enjoy these digital books for this year’s celebration!


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

6 thoughts on “Ten free digital books set around the globe with Amazon’s World Book Day

  1. Such an interesting post. And such an interesting webpage. I love your “reply envelope”. And that “wordle” is absolutely great. Do you have a website where you can make it?

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      1. Thanks a lot, Jennifer. I used to have a link like that but it doesn’t work anymore, so this is great. I’m looking forward to making one or the other new wordcloud. Brilliant.

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