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How I learned I can never read a book about dentists in love

Hey y’all! I’ve just had an unfortunate discovery about myself. While reading the blurb for a book review by That Artsy Reader Girl for A Brush With Love, I got to the second sentence:

“Harper would rather endure a Novocaine-free root canal than face any distractions, even one this adorable.”

And I absolutely had to stop. ☠💀☠💀 Having recently had a nightmare of a root canal, the idea of doing it without novacaine genuinely gave me shivers and I had to think about something else. I hate thinking about it now again. Ugh.

(PS – spellcheck wants to correct novacaine to cocaine, and the idea of insisting on having the dentist giving someone cocaine before a procedure is ridiculous xD)

Sorry, Mazey Eddings. I admire you for writing a rom com love story about dentists-in-training, but I definitely cannot deal with tooth puns and mouth gore.


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One thought on “How I learned I can never read a book about dentists in love

  1. Haha, you’d think with my absolute fear of dentists that I would probably be averse to reading this one but I’m not getting the “heck no” vibes from the synopsis so I’m definitely keen to give it a try 🤣


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