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Let’s play… Finally!!!

The first year, I hadn’t heard of it. The second year, I missed it by a few days as I was finishing the season. This year…I GOT IT!

Let’s Play is a webcomic that I have come to really enjoy. It’s focused on a woman who develops games and works for her father’s tech company, while dealing with anxiety and depression. That might not sound great, but it’s really quite hilarious, especially as a gamer who can get the references more often than not. I don’t think they alienate though, but they have extra flavor for me since I can relate with them. ^.^

This webcomic is suuuuper successful. It’s been published into physical copies, and I keep missing the kickstarter campaigns to get them!!! As I said, the first year they did a campaign I hadn’t actually heard of it yet. But the second year hurt because I had just finished reading all that were available, saw the mention of the kickstarter at the end of the last comic, and then learned I had juuuust missed it. ACK!

So here we are a few years on and I have FINALLY been able to get into a campaign! Of course now since I got all three sets of books at once it was a lot more expensive up front than spreading it out over a few years would have been. I splurged though because I was so excited, and I’m eagerly awaiting my special editions!


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2 thoughts on “Let’s play… Finally!!!

  1. omg this is terrible because I WANT IT SO BAD 😭 what. i had no idea there was a Kickstarter and … it is expensive especially after all the spending I’ve been doing this month but… ohmygawsh. i love this comic so much 🥰

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