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I DNFd a book for the first time in a while

I decided to give up on a book after a few days of lackluster reading. I kept dipping into it because it was a digital book I had on hand for the times I can’t read a physical book, but I was never really enjoying it. At a few points while reading today, situations that I’m just not into reading about made me finally decide to give it up. I feel like I haven’t DNFd a book in a while, though! I’ve had a pretty good streak! I’ll have my full reasons for no longer bothering with Like Me by Hayley Phelan.


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3 thoughts on “I DNFd a book for the first time in a while

    1. Hi there! 🙂 I’ve ditched two in the past month, one after the other, so not a great track record. I’m waiting for the next book that sweeps me away, you know? I’ll get there…


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