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Fast Forward Friday: The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea, 2/22/22!

Hey y’all! In contrast to Throwback Thursday, I like to use Fridays to look forward to an upcoming release that I’m excited about! Today’s is The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh!
Expected Release: February 22, 2022 (THE ULTIMATE TUESDAY 2/22/22!!!)

Why wait on this one?

  • Mythical retellings and mythology stories in general are so compelling to me. The idea of a Sea God that needs saving and a human girl motivated by love to try to save them all really tugs at my heart for its purity and beauty.
  • I think this story will lend itself well to atmospheric and lyrical writing. The kind that transports me on waves of air and water into something a bit ethereal. I love that feeling, and it’s pretty tough to get it because it can be hard to get just right. But I think this might be the one to do it. ^.^
  • Although I haven’t actually read any other books by Axie Oh, there are several that I’m *interested* in reading (in addition to this one). I think that’s a good sign, because if I like one then I can get a sense of the plot, writing style, character development, etc. that the author tends to use.


Deadly storms have ravaged Mina’s homeland for generations. Floods sweep away entire villages, while bloody wars are waged over the few remaining resources. Her people believe the Sea God, once their protector, now curses them with death and despair. In an attempt to appease him, each year a beautiful maiden is thrown into the sea to serve as the Sea God’s bride, in the hopes that one day the “true bride” will be chosen and end the suffering.

Many believe that Shim Cheong, the most beautiful girl in the village—and the beloved of Mina’s older brother Joon—may be the legendary true bride. But on the night Cheong is to be sacrificed, Joon follows Cheong out to sea, even knowing that to interfere is a death sentence. To save her brother, Mina throws herself into the water in Cheong’s stead.

Swept away to the Spirit Realm, a magical city of lesser gods and mythical beasts, Mina seeks out the Sea God, only to find him caught in an enchanted sleep. With the help of a mysterious young man named Shin—as well as a motley crew of demons, gods and spirits—Mina sets out to wake the Sea God and bring an end to the killer storms once and for all.

But she doesn’t have much time: A human cannot live long in the land of the spirits. And there are those who would do anything to keep the Sea God from waking…


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