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Fast Forward Friday: The Obsidian Butterfly by Lani Forbes, 2/15/21!

Hey y’all! In contrast to Throwback Thursday, I like to use Fridays to look forward to an upcoming release that I’m excited about! Today’s is The Obsidian Butterfly by Lani Forbes! (There are spoilers in this post for the first and second books due to it being the 3rd book in the series!).

While I am so excited for this conclusion to a series I’ve been reading since I was immediately entranced by an advanced copy of the first book… it also comes with really sad news. Lani Forbes, the author, recently died due to cancer. She had been living with it for a while, but on February 3rd this year, she passed, just before releasing her last story to the world. I can only speak to her professional side personally, and judging by this series, it’s a huge loss for the creative community and lovers of fantasy. From those around her, though, she was a thoroughly wonderful person. If you’d like to help out, her family has a donation account to help with funeral and end-of-life expenses.
Expected Release: February 15, 2022

Why wait on this one?

  • Well obviously for a third and final book in a series, I’m pumped about just seeing where the story goes, right? Everything has gone positively mad, and I have no idea how it will resolve. It will be wonderful. 😍
  • In book 2 we met characters from the region of the world that’s characterized as the big bads who are killing and going to war with the kingdom we’ve been in so far. And, surprise surprise, things are a little more complex than a good-vs-evil situation. I adore gray areas, and I adore romances where it involved people learning each others complexities.
    I actually haven’t even read the summary for this book, because I don’t want to go into it with ANYTHING besides the craziness from the first two books! Now that they’re back above ground — and in “enemy” territory — what on earth are the going to do after defeating death? Will the gods of death seek vengeance? Will they be sacrificed, or praised as heroes? Will the sun rise anymore??


To the Chicome people, an eclipse is a time of terror. When darkness falls, the barrier separating the heavens and the earth becomes unstable. Then come the ravening Tzitzimime–the star demons who thirst for human blood. Mayana and Ahkin know the full extent of the coming danger, but they must gather support or the Chicome Empire is doomed.

As the eclipse nears, many maneuver for power in this deadly game of worlds ending.

Metzi, Ahkin’s treacherous sister, has seized control of the empire with the aid of the malevolent goddess known as the Obsidian Butterfly. But Metzi has no idea what the goddess has in store…

Yemania and Ochix face the wrath of both their peoples. Their forbidden liaison may draw ancient enemies together… or rip the young lovers apart forever.

And the princesses who battled fiercely for Ahkin’s heart in The Seventh Sun meet again–but this time, they must join forces in order to survive.

As for Ahkin and Mayana, the entire empire seems to want to keep them apart. Can their love endure the end of the world?


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