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Starting the year with the joy of a random day off ^.^

Hey y’all! I started 2022 off with an extra day off from work so I could bask in doing whatever the heck I wanted for a day while everyone else performed tasks. Suckers!!! 😁 Unsurprisingly, that turned into reading… all day… for literally about 6 or 7 hours.

I re-read the webcomic Let’s Play because the third season is out. I hadn’t planned to read it all in one day, but it’s all so good! 😊

So I took a little bit of luxury to start the new year. Yay for small condos.


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5 thoughts on “Starting the year with the joy of a random day off ^.^

    1. You’re going to be all over season three because it’s all the Sam x Charles we’ve been waiting for πŸ₯° I waited until a lot of episodes were out so I could read a bunch at once but now I have to waiiiiit again 😭. I just got the printed books from the Kickstarter! It ends the 12th and pretty sure it’s worldwide if you’re interested


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