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3 Books I’ll Gift to Myself (if I have to!)

Hey y’all!

I’m not really religious, but I grew up celebrating Christmas and so I still do, with the tree and the gifts and the ham and all that. Luckily for me (and those who choose to give me gifts during Christmas) I’m very easy to shop for because the answer is always books. I will always be happy with books! There tend to be a few under the tree for me, which is always a delight. I love seeing what other folks pick out for me, and sharing my thoughts and gratitude with them as I read it.

There are definitely a few I’m keeping an eye out for though, and will probably be adding to my shelf on my own if they don’t pop up during the holidays this year. Let’s check them out!

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

I’ve had my eye on this since before it came out, and yet I still haven’t read it. I have no idea why. But I saw a copy at the store recently and drooled a bit (not just because of the delish cover) so I think it’s about time I finally pick up a copy to read. ^.^

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

This is a weird pick for me, because I haven’t liked V.E. Schwab’s other titles and I don’t really like French-based stories and honestly the synopsis doesn’t super intrigue me. And yet… I can’t help but feel like I need to give this one a shot, because I might just absolutely love it. And at worst, I want to have one of the annoyingly gorgeous versions that have been created. This stunning white version is pretty much impossible for me now, but there’s a lovely midnight blue copy with a gold ribbon bookmark that I enjoy as well.

Harry Potter: A Magical Year by Jim Kay

I have eagerly awaited Jim Kay’s illustrated editions yearly for basically all of my adult life now (sad?). The current book he’s on (#5) is a BEAST and taking a while to do it justice. In the meantime, there’s this lovely compendium of illustrated quotes from the books with one for each day of the year. And I just love the idea of a tiny sampling of art and fantasy and friendship and bravery and love to start my day every day. 🥰

I’m very cleverly pre-writing this post so no one can peep it and pick these out for me for Christmas if they haven’t already. 😉 I really do love the surprise, and seeing what other folks choose with me in mind! That said, I think these are all worth having physical copies of, so I just may be adding them to the shelves on my own after the holiday.

Merry Christmas and/or happy Saturday y’all! 😊


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