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December TBR: Fast Forward Friday Flurry!!

Hey y’all! As appears to be my habit, I’ve got my monthly tbr ready for ya halfway through the month. xD And as always, I’ve already read several of them! So I’m doing a really great job staying on track! xD

This month I’m largely just reading some of the books that came out this year that I featured in my Fast Forward Friday posts, but never got a chance to read. Now’s my chance, because I’m MAKING it my chance!!

Fast Forward Friday: Graphic Novels

Ahhh, I love me some graphic novels!! I don’t think I actually featured The Magic Fish but I know it was in my list. I don’t know why I didn’t use it, now. I was reminded of that one from Sabrina’s post here about unusual story structures, which only made me want to read it more! Delicates is a sequel to Sheets which I stumbled upon and adored last year. And then there’s Graceling which is a graphic novel adaptation of a book I loved years ago — and still did in this new version (which yes I already finished because I was so excited!!)!

Fast Forward Friday: Novels

I’ve already finished The Fastest Way to Fall and just finished King of Battle and Blood today (OMG.). Heart & Seoul is technically not on my Fast Forward Friday list, but the sequel is. 😂 So I have to read this one first of course. Probably, anyway. That’s usually how series’ work, but sometimes it doesn’t really seem to matter if you skip the first book.

I’m sure I’ll cram some more books in here (guaranteed, in fact), but these are the main ones! We can ignore that fact that I’ve already read 5 out of these 7. 😁 Ending the year on a high note, right?


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