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Review: Ignited (Fire Within #2) by Ella M. Lee

Ignited by Ella M. Lee
(See the first book here: Fire Within)

Recommended: yes, keep the series going!


Four weeks have passed since Fiona Ember was captured by Nicolas Demarais, the powerful and deadly Water Clan magician she foolishly attempted to assassinate. Relieved that she has impressed Nicolas and reclaimed her life, she’s stunned to find that Nicolas has ambitious plans to change the world of magic forever—and they involve Fiona’s newfound magical abilities.

But achieving those goals certainly won’t be easy. Fiona will need to navigate the slippery magic of Water Clan, survive her new group’s difficult operations, and face more than a few challenges with her new lieutenant. On top of that, she’ll need to confront her growing attraction to Nicolas, as she realizes she’s falling for the sweeter and softer side of him.

And little does she know, Nicolas’s grand plans for the future are drawing the attention of his enemies, and the new life that Fiona has found may not be so safe after all…


If book one is all about the setup and changed for Fiona, book two is all about her new relationships. That definitely means a lot of Fiona and Nicolas figuring out whatever they are and want to be, but also her relationships with the other members of the clan.

This one was good, but not my favorite. Simply put, this one doesn’t have a lot of action or momentum on its own. It’s an important piece of the larger story in the series, but this one is definitely a lot of talking! There are some pretty pivotal and intense moments of action as well, but the bulk is a calmer pace of interaction and discovery.

If you’ve been curious about the other members, here is going to be your primer! I did love hearing about the team’s abilities and histories, as they’re all so unique. The group’s overall plan is really freaking cool, too, and I’m pumped to see where it goes!

On the other hand, if you’ve been holding out for romance, this one’s got you covered. 😎 While it’s not totally explicit or a full focus on it, there’s definitely intimacy in this one as part of the character building.

I ended this book the same way I ended the first: immediately going to find and start the next one. The story is still going strong, and I’m really interested in learning more about all the twisted strings of fate going on here!!

Thanks to Booksirens and Ella M Lee for a free copy. This is my honest review.


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