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TBR November 2021: already begun

Hey y’all! I recognize that it’s already a third of the way through November, but lateness has never stopped me before! 🙂 Here’s my plan for the month, or at least… what my plan was for the month before I blew it up with my whims as I so often do. Still, though there may be others added, these are my goal books to finish!

Advance reader copies!! ❤

These are the advanced copies of books I have that are coming out soon, so I want to get them finished up now that it’s closer to their pub dates! This is, uh, kind of awkward, but I actually already finished and reviewed Comfort Me With Apples because it, uhpublished a few days ago. 😂 But I guess that just means I’m off to a really good start in November! 🙂

Beasts of a Little Land is one I’ve been tracking for MONTHS, and I finally got my hands on a copy through a Goodreads giveaway. Luck was on my side!! So I’m diving into this one now. ^.^ The other book is a collection of short stories all themed around romantic love, each centered around a different trope. I was hoping the authors I like and fun theme would make short stories more enjoyable for me, but I’m still struggling with it a bit.

These two books have nothing in common other than the fact that they are not advance reader copies, and so needed a different category than above. xD The Xibalba Murders is my LAST title needed for the alphabet challenge this year! The other book, Will, is a memoir by — you guessed it… — Will Smith. I find him to be a pretty fascinating person as well as famous person. By that, I mean his career has been varied and interesting, but also he as a person is someone I’m curious to hear more about.

So that’s the plan, though I’m sure I’ll have others wedged in here! Are any of these on your reading list?


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