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October Wrap Up: finally some fun!


How many books that I planned did I read?

I read 4 of the 7 books I planned, and 10 total. Can you tell I got mood-reader-swayed this month a little bit? Plus time on vacation had very little reading time!

The Plan:

Three of these were what I consider “obligatory reads” where I am trying to read them as part of a challenge, or because I got it from a book box, or something else where it’s not entirely just because I want to. Golden Boys Beware is secretly Foul is Fair, with a new name and cover. And yes, I bought this edition too. This might be my favorite book. As in, the #1 spot, THE favorite. So it’s yearly read must, and fits October perfectly!

The Result:

Of the Obligatory Reads, I actually read 2 of those 3. I even wrote reviews for both The Ex Hex (BOTM for the month) and The Key to Fear (K for alphabet hallenge)! Ninth House got the shaft due to timing; it was also originally pushed up because I need a book beginning with N for my A – Z challenge, and then ended up reading 2 new releases in October that began with N anyway so it didn’t matter. xD I’ll read it eventually though! The other two books are No Words and Not Here to Be Liked if you’re looking for any!

Anonyponymous was an absolutely delightful book about words that originally came from someone’s name, but have kind of lost that origin. It was fascinating and funny and informative. 🤗 My other nonfiction read was a fortuitious Goodreads Giveaway win, This is How You Vagina. I don’t know about y’all, but my health education about vaginas was basically nonexistant beyond how to deal with them when they bleed. I loved this book that was also fascinating and funny and informative. I know my body so much better! I definitely encourage anyone to read this book, whether you have a vagina or not.


Well for the first time in a while (at least as far as these posts go) I have something I remember and can write about here! I went on a much needed vacation and hit up some roller coasters while soaking in the sun. I also got a little bit better with posts! There was definitely still a week or two of days without content, but I’ve been feeling more creative and having ideas and excitement again. Now I just need to give the time to match that. 🙂

I went to my first live wrestling show and it was so much fun!! The energy was amazing and of course so were the athletics. I got to see a lot of my favorite entertainers and it was a joy after so long without date nights or events.

I also went to a Halloween party, again probably the first party I’ve gone to in a year or two. Plus I had a snazzy new costume — basically my first ever, really.


Well like I said, I felt more motivated this month and also had more time to send to it. I think part of that is the change in weather. It’s getting colder where I live, which means less time to spend outside absorbing sun and exploring. And more time inside! Plenty of space to write. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite posts I worked on this month, in case you missed them!

And here are some of my favorite posts by other bloggers!


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