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Tiny in-progress update

Hey y’all! A few weeks ago I posted a Fast Forward Friday about a book by Denise Williams, called The Fastest Way to Fall. It’s now out, but in the meantime I had decided to read another book by her that I have been wanting to read: How to Fail at Flirting. Y’all… I LOVED IT. It was sexy and sweet and scary all at once! Plus I got to barely meet some of the characters from the next book, which is a fun little extra.

I also started a book from Booksirens yesterday and have been absolutely devouring it!! It’s SO GOOD! I’m really glad I went for it! It’s to the point where I’m squeezing in a few pages at any moment — brushing my teeth, before bed, waiting for meals to cook. I’m going out for a fun event tonight, but I almost wish I didn’t have to so I could stay home and read more! 😅 Anyway, this one is called Fire Within and although that’s a pretty common title theme, the book itself is incredibly unique and captivating! I’ll have a full review soon I’m sure, because I’m reading it so quickly!


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