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October 2021 TBR: A Scary Good Month!

Hey y’all! I’m looking into October with may more books on my list than I will actually read, but that’s fine. xD Because of it, I have plenty of choices! It’s definitely a month where I try to read some thriller-type things outside my usual genres, and I have a few ideas for this month to continue that!

Plus when I say it’s planned to be a scary good month I mean that… pretty literally. 😁 In a sense that can be very cheesy and varied!


I know I took a few liberties with calling some of these “scary.” Or… calling probably any of them scary. But! They all have at least a slightly spooky thing about the name, cover, or plot!

Golden Boys Beware is a tricky one, because it’s actually one of my favorite books, Foul is Fair, but as a re-release with a new name and cover. Probably because the original cover is hideous, but either way I read this book at least once a year and usually in October because of the magnificent Macbeth-y mood of malignant witchy maidens.

The Key to Fear has the word fear right in the title, so I’m totally counting it for this one! It’s a dystopian sort of story where touching is not a thing (I haven’t figured out how they have babies yet), so in my book that definitely counts as horrifying.

Admittedly the least scary on this list by far, The Ex Hex is a lighthearted supernatural romance. It’s probably going to be really predictable and make me roll my eyes a few times, but I’m probably going to enjoy it partly because of that. ^.^

Now the last one, Ninth House, I’m admittedly not sure about. I’m not sure if I’ll actually like it (or finish it…) and I’m also not sure if it will be any shade of scary. It does have a snake on the cover, and the synopsis seems to imply there are demons or dark magic or something. If there are demons and dark magic, I am ALL IN on this one, but admittedly the dark rich prep school trope is not one I’m feeling right now so I might bail on it.


HAR HAR HAR see what I did? These books all have the word “good” in them! Sounds like my next post is writing itself.


Ironically, the scariest book in all of these is not in the “scary” section, and that would be A Good Marriage. This is some kind of murder court domestic thriller I guess, but I’m only about ten pages in so who knows where it might lead!

Sy Montgomery also wrote The Soul of an Octopus, which was a WHOLE LOT of talk about octopuses, but mostly enjoyable. So for this next book, I’m anticipating the same passionately sincere love but through a wider array of animals in telling a larger story.

Somewhat similarly, I also have Good Boy on this list. This is also a memoir-via-animals kind of book, and one I’ve had on my TBR for, oh, two years?

Altogether, that’s not even all the books on my list. However they are the ones that fit my title theme the best and there’s no way I’ll read all of these anyway. πŸ˜‚ Plus I have some big busy plans this month, which will probably result in way less time reading than usual. Still, I remain ambitious!

Which book should I start with y’all?? Do you have any other scary / good books? πŸ™‚


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5 thoughts on “October 2021 TBR: A Scary Good Month!

    1. I’ll be honest, I barely read the synopsis for The Ex Hex. πŸ˜‚ It sounded like a cute witchy romance and I couldn’t pass it up! Do you know much about it or just excited from seeing so much hype?


  1. I own a copy of Ninth House and I was so excited to read it initially and then I kept seeing terrifying reviews of it and now I’m not sure if I still want to or not. I’m so indecisive but I look forward to hearing your thoughts if you do pick it up! Ex Hex looks really cute and it’s always fun to enjoy a corny romance every now and then πŸ˜‰ Happy reading!

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    1. Bahaha that totally tracks for you haha. Same though… I don’t want anything that will actually give me nightmares πŸ˜… maybe I’ll read some Ninth House then relax with Ex Hex xD


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