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Beast Boy & my Teen Titans obsession

Hey y’all,

If you missed my recent Fast Forward Friday about it, Beast Boy Loves Raven came out yesterday! Oddly though, I actually hadn’t yet read Beast Boy, the second in the series. I’ve had a line on it from the library since it came out last year. I’ve looked at it multiple times and thought, I’m so excited to read this. I read a sample of it in Raven and couldn’t wait, yet once I had the chance, I WAITED!

I’m so glad I did though. 🥰 I finished Beast Boy this morning and was 100% in love with Gar. I hated that I had turned the last page because I desperately wanted to continue on the journey with him!

So THANK GOODNESS that Beast Boy Loves Raven had just become available! I dove immediately into it and plowed through in one sitting. One l o n g sitting, because I kept going back pages to check out the details, or examining all the background elements and characters. If you loved the others, you will preeeetty much definitely love this one. I really hope we see more of Tank and Stella from Beast Boy because I kind of fell in love with them too. Yet the monkey sticks around??

There was also a character introduced in this one who I absolutely did not expect, and got juuuust shy of giddy when they popped by. I’m so impressed with this duo, every time! And by “this duo” I mean both Beast Boy and Raven, AND Kami and Gabriel!

So on top of these comics, I’ve also been watching the HBO Max version of Titans which is very very different than the mood in these, but still very very good! Note that the show is definitely not “teen” as several of them are definitely 20s or 30s, but there are a few who are teens. I have no idea how well they reflect canon from comics. The journey has been fairly wild, although sometimes the pacing was weird. A lot of build up, then something is over pretty easily; a tense moment left off, then next episode is a lengthy flashback about someone we’ve never met. Still, overall really fabulous if you want a darker version of some of the titans!

I’m basically swimming in Titans content right now. Maybe I’ll even watch a few episodes of the cartoon, just for the heck of it. ^.^ Or I’ll find a way to read some of the comics, although that seems like it could be hard to just jump into. Thank goodness for all the options to get to read (and watch) so many wonderful versions of it!


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