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August TBR: Ahoy, ARCs!

Hey y’all!

This month I’m looking at a mix of ARCs that I requested and/or got approved for recently, after really not bothering with many for a while. I’m diving right back in to the fun! 🙂 I also have a couple that I’ve been craving a bit, particularly nonfiction. There’s so much great nonfiction out there, and I haven’t been reading enough of it!

Here’s the plan for August, although I’m sure as usual, it will change wildly in all the best ways. ^.^

Reading it early #ARC

All of these are books that I had never heard of before stumbling upon them as ARCs and deciding I’d give them a go. I don’t do enough of that lately, as I’ve been reading more of the popular, well-marketed and well-known books. That’s all fine too, but I miss out on some really excellent titles when I don’t explore on my own! I’m almost done with The Tenets in the Tattoos and y’all I am BAFFLED that I haven’t heard more about this book because it is so good!! Pub day for it is 8/9/21, so keep an eye out because it is FAB for a fantasy adventure with magic and cool worldbuilding and a bit of royalty drama, with plenty of culture shock!

Nonfic cravings

Chinatown Pretty is one I saw on the “New Nonfic” shelf at the library and I was immediately taken. It explores fashion from Chinatowns older residents, and it’s so vibrant in both learning about the people and their clothing! It’s lovely to read the stories behind some of the clothes. Think “Humans of New York” but with Chinatown! The other one was also a library find, but digitally as I was browsing rarely-borrowed nonfiction. I can’t imagine why this isn’t a popular one because it sounds absolutely fascinating! I can’t wait to dive into it!

Library whims

Honey Girl is one I’d been planning to read for a while now, and I got an email from the library lsiting out alternative options for folks waiting for One Last Stop. Honey Girl was included as a book with no wait (which was a LIE), so I threw my name in and now have it from my hold. Land of Big Numbers is one Ive been eyeing for a while as well, although admittedly I thought it was nonfiction and it apparently is not, so I guess I didn’t read what it was about well enough at the time. xD Still, it sounds good and I’ve just barely started reading it and am already curious (And wary) of where it will go!

So that’s the plan for August! Have you read any of these titles or are planning to?


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3 thoughts on “August TBR: Ahoy, ARCs!

  1. Ooh, I haven’t read any of these and the only one on my TBR is Honey Girl and I’ve heard some pretty great things about it! That cover for Cordova’s book is absolutely stunning and I’ll defo be checking it out 😍 Also, loving the sound of The Tenets in the Tattoos and Chinatown Pretty! Happy reading 🙂

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